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It is now an accepted fact that the most common dental issue amongst adults living in the UK is that of misaligned teeth, as research has now confirmed. This condition can lead to individuals developing other serious oral health difficulties that may lead to a greater need for serious dental intervention and could also have a negative impact on someone’s quality of life when it comes to their oral health experiences.

Many adults may believe that they are beyond receiving treatment for misaligned teeth due to their age, as evidence shows many of them were offered alignment treatment in their teen years, but refused to engage with treatment at the time. However, there are treatment options available to those who are of adult age, that may be perfect for someone considering alignment treatment that is discreet.

An example of an alignment treatment option being offered by many dental practices to their patients who feel they could benefit from looking again at orthodontics is Invisalign Weybridge.

Addressing the reasons that made some avoid treatment

The main reason that so many people may have decided to not undergo dental alignment treatment when they were a teenager is the way that having braces may have made them appear to other teens around them. This, in turn, created some fears in the minds of these potential candidates for tooth alignment, such as the fear of being bullied or the fear of appearing ugly, at a time in life that is already difficult and confusing.

The good news is that the old image of braces, having metal and wire placed on and around the teeth being mandatory, is now a thing of the past.  As dental technology improved it gave rise to new materials that led to the creation of new breeds of aligners, such as Invisalign.

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The new breed of aligner

The main positive of modern aligners is the way they look when they are placed, as they are practically invisible. This was one of the key improvements that developers of these modern aligners knew they had to aim for.

By creating an aligner that can sit in the mouth and not be seen by others, even when they are looking at the wearer straight on, was one of the main development obstacles that had to be overcome. By creating an aligner that is hard for the eyes of others to see has now led to an uptake in the number of adults seeking tooth alignment treatment.

Strengthening the bite

Many people who suffer from misaligned teeth also have some problem with the bite, the most common problem is a weakened bite. Because the teeth are not aligned, they cannot meet to form the correct position needed for a powerful grip, this leads to problems when eating.

Tooth alignment treatment can help resolve this type of eating issue, by re-aligning the teeth they will then be able to line up properly allowing them to form a strong bite shape.

Looking for alignment treatment

For those looking for tooth alignment treatment, there are a range of modern treatments available, Invisalign is well worth serious consideration. It is best to contact an orthodontist or dentist, as this will give anyone looking for treatment access to accurate and professional advice.

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