Color Scheme Ideas for Repainting Your Office Walls


Since vaccines are being rolled out across the globe and there might be a return to the office soon, now is the best time to spruce up your workplace so that your employees will be welcomed by fresh paint, cleaner workstations, and better and more ergonomic design. But of course, one of the biggest changes that will influence how your interiors are designed is the colors of your walls. Here are some color scheme ideas for repainting the walls in your office.


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Off-white is probably one of the safest paint choices you can go with, especially one with a soft, eggshell finish. While it may seem intimidating to choose it because it’s a bit reminiscent of a hospital or clinic, off-white can provide a warm and clean appearance when partnered with the right secondary colors and design elements. You can also incorporate a brighter or more intense color as an accent if you think off-white is too sterile.


Blue is a color that symbolizes logic, efficiency, trust, and communication—the building blocks of a successful workplace environment. Not to mention, blue is incredibly easy on the eyes. Consider going for the less obvious hue, like a more neutral blue that leans a bit teal or periwinkle, or even navy.

Light blue is also particularly relaxing. Remember that lighter blues give off a more peaceful vibe, while darker blues like navy evoke strength and intelligence. Whichever shade of blue you decide to go with, make sure that it will be a primary color in rooms or stations that require a lot of mental strain and focus.


Gray may seem like a boring choice, but you can’t get any more neutral than this color. Since it’s right smack in the middle of black and white, it can help give off a melancholic and neutral mood, but it will depend on the hue or shade you will go with. At the same time, gray walls don’t have to be dull when paired with secondary and accent colors that can brighten up the place. Gray also looks good on restroom partitions and stalls, especially if the restroom walls and floors are marble.


If blue or gray seems too expected, get the best of both worlds by going for blue-gray walls. It will give your rooms a clean vibe while still maintaining a professional feel without being as moody as gray or as bright as blue. It’s truly taking the best out of blue and gray while removing their worst characteristics.


If your office boasts more wood materials and furniture, consider going for a more brown office paint. It will provide a masculine look into your space without sacrificing warmth and coziness. Consider adding in more industrial materials like black metal or steel to enforce the masculine feel.


While traditional gender stereotypes should be thrown out the window in 2021, there are also certain rules to interior design that will be hard to break. If your business leans towards more female clientele, go for paint colors that are not overtly feminine but still evoke that spirit. A pastel purple might be a less in-your-face option than pink, but it’s still a good option for more traditionally feminine spaces like a beauty salon.


If your company’s industry is in healthcare or the financial world, consider going for an unexpected green hue. What will make or break the room’s mood is the brightness or darkness of the shade you go for. However, keep in mind that green tends to reflect light, so a bright lime green might be too blinding for you and your employees if you rely on natural lighting and open windows.

Consider your brand identity

Last but not least, consider your business’ brand identity. If you already have a color palette, consider incorporating it into your office. Remember the 60-30-10 design rule, which states the following:

  • 60 percent the main color, which means your walls and large accent pieces like the rugs and sectional couches,
  • 30 percent the secondary color, which supports your main color but should be different enough that it can be set apart from the main color, and
  • 10 percent the accent color, which can be used for smaller decorative elements like throw pillows, lamps, and artworks

Re-thinking the colors of your office may seem like a lot of work, but it can greatly affect you and your team’s productivity and level of motivation. Give them a proper welcome back to the office by sprucing it up a little. Your team will thank you for it.

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