Why replace missing teeth? Here are a few important reasons to consider

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According to the Australian Dental Association, three million Australians do not have at least one-third of their permanent teeth. The reason given for this worrying statistic is due to the widespread consumption of an increased intake of sugar in the daily Australian diet that leads to tooth decay and tooth loss.

Tooth loss creates a number of problems and dental practitioners urge those who have lost teeth to consider suitable missing teeth replacement devices. For many with missing teeth, implants Gordon are the preferred missing teeth replacement treatment plan of choice.

Patients find the design of the artificial screw-shaped dental device closest in resemblance to that of natural teeth. It is this natural tooth-like design that allows for the many advantages like comfort, durability, reliability and natural aesthetic appearance.

Problems due to missing teeth

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It quickly becomes apparent that what happens in the mouth will, in time, affect the body too. Dental diseases like gum disease hold concerns for heart and lung health, where bad bacteria can give rise to inflammatory conditions like pneumonia and life-threatening conditions including heart attacks and strokes if left untreated. While these medical complications may take time to develop, missing teeth present more immediate dangers.

A gap in the dental arch is undesirable as this can ruin the aesthetics of a smile, but there are other weightier reasons why missing teeth can cause further dental and health issues.

The immediate danger to physical health is when missing teeth open up difficulties in biting and chewing. The body is dependent on adequate nutrition for optimal function and this can become a challenge when food cannot be eaten properly.

Mental health can also take a knock as a drop in self-confidence is a result when words become slurred or speech is difficult to understand.

Many people do not know this but adult teeth can move out of position especially when there is a gap in the dental arch left open. This unfortunate occurrence can create further orthodontic issues that will need treatment.

Losing teeth can lead to you losing more teeth if a suitable missing teeth replacement solution is not sought. This happens as a result of gum disease and loss in jawbone quality, two additional negative consequences of missing teeth.

Benefits of replacing missing teeth

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Modern dentistry has opened up access to more dental devices to replace missing teeth. Patients can choose from a range of artificial dental devices to find the missing teeth replacement device that fits in with their preferred method.

The most obvious benefit of replacing missing teeth is improved bite function. It is no longer necessary to avoid certain foods.

Another much-welcomed benefit is the improved aesthetics of a smile. Many adults with missing teeth are self-conscious about their gap-toothed smile, preferring to offer a closed-mouth smile instead.

As seen from the above, not replacing missing teeth is bad news for your dental, physical, and mental wellbeing. Discuss your missing teeth replacement concerns with your dentist to find a treatment plan that suits you.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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