Why Do Some Homes Look and Feel Expensive?

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Have you ever been in a home and thought to yourself, “Wow, how can I make my home look like this?” You will be surprised when you ask the homeowners that they haven’t spent so much on that home. In fact, you might have spent more in your home than them in theirs. This is because the home design is much about the preferences of the homeowner and their taste as it is about the materials one uses to make a house a home.


Start from the outside. What makes a home look expensive from the outside? You’ve heard about improving the house’s curb appeal to impress guests, neighbors, and potential buyers. However, have you really thought about what the home’s façade means to make the home look expensive? Touch up the paint regularly. Make sure that you give it a fresh coat of paint when the paint is already peeling or fading. The color that you choose will also matter. Beyond the classical browns, beiges, and grays, look to add a pop of color to the façade. A bright red door will add appeal to the room.


Once you enter the house, the first thing you will notice is the flooring. It has such a huge impact on the overall design of the house. If you want a modern vibe, go for elegant concrete tiles and marble, though they can sometimes be too cold and formal. Probably the best option is for you to use exotic engineered hardwood flooring. It is cheaper compared to other floor materials, plus it’s easier to maintain and looks as beautiful as natural wood.

Layered Lighting

It is no secret that lighting has such a huge impact to how a home look and feel. Think about a spa room. When you turn the lights on, that spa room will look and feel different. You will notice the peeling paint and some other imperfections. These are hidden by great lighting. Warm lights make a room look elegant, regardless of how much you spend on them.

But to add depth to a room, you may want to use a variety of light sources that are layered against each other. You don’t need to spend much. Lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers, and candles don’t have to be expensive.

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Great pillows make a room look beautiful. Whether in the bedroom or the living room, use a variety of textiles for the pillows. Yes, they can sometimes be expensive, but there’s a way around it. Instead of paying $10 to $20 per pillow, you can go to a local fabric store and pick up yards of different textiles. Mix-and-match the different textiles—cotton, flannel, silk, linen, and faux fur. They will instantly glam up the room. Every room with such different textiles for the pillowcases will have an upgraded overall look.


Everyone puts up curtains in their homes, but not everyone uses them the right way. Don’t follow the length of your windows. Make sure that the curtains kiss the floor. The right window treatment will look elegant no matter how simple the fabric is. In the summer, use those breezy curtains that hit the floor. For the bedroom, go for heavy drapes that cover the entire wall to block the sun. But during colder months, make sure to use heavier curtains to keep the warmth inside the room.


No matter what kind of art—street art, classical ones, and graffiti—it has the power to change how the room looks completely. The art that you choose for the room doesn’t have to be expensive. It has to be reflective of your personality, however. Hit up your favorite art shops for the ones that will fit your home. A large mural covering one wall will make your home look like a hotel.


When added to well-thought-out furniture pieces, metallic can bring up the elan of the room. Any room with a metallic clock or other decorative accents can improve its fanciness. If accents are not your thing, go for metallic wallpaper, high-gloss paint, and light fixtures with metallic finishes. These will all improve the appearance of the room, no matter its overall theme.

You shouldn’t be surprised to find out that homes can look elegant without the owners needing to spend thousands of dollars on them. You can do it, too, if you know what things can improve its overall look. A few well-thought-of pieces of furniture, some decorative accents, and layered lighting are all you need to give your house that elegant vibe you want.

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