A Valuable New Room Project in 2021: Your Own Home Office

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Home renovations have become more popular in the last couple of years. The current telecommute setup kept people finding ways to create a dedicated space for work. At this point, having a home office has become a necessity, unlike before when it was considered more of a space luxury.

Considering the amount of time we spend working at home, having a dedicated space for work truly helps keep our productivity level up. It also helps us keep the divide between work and home life, especially since both now happen in the same space.

But how exactly do you renovate your space to accommodate a home office, and is it something that can be done in a day? You’ll be surprised at how easy and fast it actually is to carry this project to completion. Just make sure you’ve got the following things lined up.

Building Materials

Creating a room using an existing available space means you’ve already got the basic foundation set. All you need are the materials to build a wall to separate the new room you’re creating from the rest of the space.

The easiest and most practical way to build a wall is by using materials like drywall which is light but sturdy. Due to the thin profile of the material, it’s ideal for putting up double walls with insulation in between to dampen noise. The double walls are attached to a framework made using a series of metal studs and track, which will hold the wall up firmly in place, and fasten the wall structure on the ceiling and the floor.

Metal studs are straighter than traditional lumber studs, which makes them easier and faster to work with. The studs are held in place on the track, which completes the framework. These materials are a more economical option and also last longer because it’s non-corrosive. It doesn’t swell due to humidity and doesn’t attract wood-eating pests and insects. This means the framework stays in place and excellent condition for a very long time.

These are the basic materials you need to build a partition and create a new, separate room — your new home office.

Paint and Decorative Elements


Next comes the painting and decorating part. Neutral tones work best in workspaces, as these hues give a more relaxed yet put-together feel to a space. To add a pop of colour or some colour depth, hang a colourful painting up on the wall and use bright-coloured decorative elements that will liven up the space.

If there is a window, it would be a good place to use smart curtains or blinds if you haven’t used them in your home yet. But if you already have the technology in your home, it only makes sense to use the same for your new home office to spruce up your window area.

As this is a room carved out from an existing space, it is expected to be much smaller than a typical small home office that’s normally included in a floor plan. As such, it’s best to pick furniture that works for you and the space. Think slim drawers, tall shelves, and a long table that you can push up or set near a wall to prevent obstructing the walking path.

Small spaces are trickier to decorate, especially if it’s a home office. Making the most out of every square footage available is extremely challenging, but the result is equally rewarding.

Decorating the space is the most exciting part of the project. As soon as the paint dries, you are free to personalize it any way you want. It is your very own home office, after all.

Equipment and Accessories

Once the painting and the furniture are set, it’s time to bring in the real stars of the room: your office equipment. Investing in a proper ergonomic chair for your home office doesn’t seem as extravagant now as it did before, so go ahead and get that comfortable office chair that you’ve always wanted to have if you had a home office, because now, you do!

And if you’ve never really given office desk lamps and lighting equipment serious thought before, you now should. Your choice of lighting plays an important role in the comfort level in your home office. Too dark and you’d have a hard time working; too bright and you might get distracted.

Think bright lights in soft tones; it gives you the right amount of illumination that keeps the room bright and warm at the same time.

Once you’ve got your home office put together, you’ll find it more convenient to work from home because you finally have a dedicated space for work. Turning an idle corner, a dead space, or an awkward part in an open floor plan into a small home office is one of the best home renovation projects that you can do this year.

A home office space is the most practical room to have at home, as it can also be used as a kid’s study room and a reading room. If you’ve always wanted to have your own office space at home but never really turned your plans into reality, now’s the best time to do so.

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