Top Home Renovation Trends Propelled by the New Normal

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The home renovation sector has always been popular even before the pandemic, but even more so during the pandemic. Since everyone is spending most of their time at home due to lockdown protocols, this gave people more time to themselves and be more aware of their surroundings.

People are taking up different hobbies and revamping the one place they spend most of their time in. Also, there’s no reason your home should feel anything less than perfect, so transforming your home is the best decision you can make to make the most out of the new normal.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the top home renovation trends propelled by the new normal.


Your kitchen is one of the most overlooked parts of your home, but it’s just as important as other parts of your home. Mainly, when you’ve taken up hobbies this pandemic, such as cooking, having a beautiful kitchen can keep you going when it comes to cooking your meals at home.

Also, when you have guests over, your kitchen doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s where the magic happens when it comes to food preparation. Revamping your kitchen can make you even more productive when you decide to take on whatever recipe you’re trying out. Whether you’re cooking or baking, transforming the interior of your kitchen or even just organizing it can turn around your home.

For more significant renovations, you can try changing your lighting, adjusting your countertops into a marble finish, or organizing your kitchen equipment. You’re also going to need more extensive storage. That way, you might need to get your countertops and storage areas renovated if you were to take cooking as a hobby more seriously.

Home Offices

Home offices are one of the most common additions to homes during this pandemic. As more companies have shifted to remote working arrangements, having a dedicated space in your home helps with your overall focus and productivity. Especially since it can be challenging to focus with several distractions such as gadgets or other responsibilities, having a home office can do so much for meeting your deadlines and deliverables. Creating a home office can help make working from home more manageable, especially if you’re someone who found the adjustment challenging.

Home offices are the quiet space you need to help you concentrate and think better. Most importantly, it separates your workspace from your leisure space, as combining both can throw your work-life balance off its course. While home offices may not always be located in separate rooms, creating proper space for your computer equipment and necessary work helps with organization.

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Outdoor Spaces

When talking about socializing and leisure activities, outdoor spaces are the one area of your home you can unwind and relax in a refreshing environment. This is where it’s safest to socialize, even during the pandemic. So you can invite your friends and family over and hang out by your garden, patio, or whatever outdoor space your home might have.

If you don’t have one, this is your window of opportunity to create one. You can always choose to expand your home and get it renovated so your home can finally accommodate an outdoor space for social events. You can hold family gatherings and social events in your outdoor space as it’s significantly safer. Outdoor spaces also make you feel less cooped up when you’re spending so much time at home.

Living Room

Your living room is typically the first area guests see when they enter your home. So your living room must give off the best impression of your home. A common trend during the pandemic has been opening up spaces to make your home feel lighter and airy. Whether you choose to declutter and have things follow a more minimalist theme or go for a warmer, cozier feel wider, more open spaces make the most out of your property.

For entertainment spaces like your living room, significant renovations can get messy. Unlike your kitchen, office, or bedroom, the living room is a shared space in your home for your family and guests. Employing home cleaning services to help you after an extensive renovation project or just getting things back in order can significantly improve your overall experience with ongoing renovations.

These are all trends you can take advantage of, especially if you’ve been thinking of renovating or revamping your home for quite some time now. Your home should feel nothing less than a sanctuary, which you can achieve with a few minor tweaks or a major overhaul.

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