Thirty and Thriving: 8 Tips for a Healthier Life

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Most people believe they are invincible when they’re in their 20s and 30s. However, this is the time that one’s health really starts to become an issue. There are some things you can do to make sure you stay healthy as you age. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Here are some ways you can start to take control of your health in your 30s:

Build Healthy Eating Habits

Use these years to establish healthy eating habits. You might think that this has nothing to do with your age, but the truth is, how you eat when you are in your 20s will determine how long you live. Therefore, start adjusting your diet by eating more vegetables and cutting out food high in sodium.

Eat at least four servings of vegetables daily. If you have a hard time eating your veggies, try adding more leafy greens like spinach or kale into your diet. If you love potatoes, go for sweet potatoes instead since they’re healthier and taste great with cinnamon. And if you always reach for an apple when you get hungry, try adding fruit to your cereal in the morning.

Establish a Workout Routine

Make sure you’re exercising daily, if not multiple times per day. If you are busy or have many responsibilities, it can be hard to dedicate time to working out. Still, it’s important you do. You will burn calories and live a more enjoyable life if you’re fit.

Some simple exercises can help improve your heart health, reduce stress levels, and keep your mind sharp. For example, you can go for a 30-minute brisk walk in the morning before taking your kid to the daycare center. Staying active on a daily basis will ensure that you stay healthy for many years to come.

You can also go on hikes with your family and friends, play touch football with the guys, go swimming, and start boxing lessons at your local community center.

Hire a Personal Trainer

If you don’t already have one, make sure you hire a personal trainer. They can help you get in shape and stick to a diet for years to come. A personal trainer can also help motivate you when your energy levels are low to stay focused on the big picture—looking after your health.

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Monitor Your Weight

Get your weight checked at least once each year. Being overweight can lead to many medical problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure that could cause you years of pain or even death. Having your weight checked once a year will help you avoid this and keep your doctor in the loop about how much weight you’ve gained or lost.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

People in their 20s and 30s tend to stay up late drinking or doing other activities that may interfere with their daily sleep. This is bad because lack of sleep has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer. Make sure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Unwind With Your Friends

Maintain a healthy social life when you’re in your 30s. This is when people tend to make friends for life, and it’s important not to let all of them slip away. Regular social life will keep you connected to those friends, and it’s also a great way to de-stress.

Adopt a Pet

Caring for an animal can be a great way to take your mind off work and other troubles in life. Having a pet makes you more active because you have to keep up with its needs, including feeding them and taking them out for walks. This helps bring the family together, too. So if you have children, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to bond.

Stay Positive

The best way to ensure that you stay healthy is to live your life with positivity. Try not to worry about things like work pressures, home bills, relationship issues, etc.

Your mind and body will thank you because negativity can be depressing and stressful. The sooner you start to focus on the positive aspects of life, the better off you’ll be overall.

A negative attitude can do a lot of harm to your physical health, including increasing stress levels and giving you high blood pressure, among other things. So remember to stay positive to stay healthy.

Final Thoughts

Taking steps to begin building a healthy lifestyle in your 30s will pay off when you’re older. Many people neglect their health when they’re younger, thinking that it doesn’t matter because they’re invincible. However, this isn’t true at all. Start early to reap the benefits of good health in your later years.

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