Use This Quick Checklist before Moving into Your New Home


The days leading up to your big move are going to be stressful. At the back of your mind, you’re going to find yourself worrying about everything you need to have sorted out. You might also be worried about the problems you didn’t see while scouting the property. Were you scammed? Are there insects or pests you don’t know about? Are there leaks?

Does it really have to be a luxury to move in without any of these issues? If you’re willing to put in the work at the very beginning, you should be able to save some time and money later. It’ll probably be best to take a deep breath and do a run-through of everything you need to keep in mind before your move. Maybe our quick checklist will help calm your nerves.

Make Sure Everything Is Clean

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not difficult to get caught up in the excitement of this brand-new chapter in your life. Whether you saw the office, home, apartment, or store, you should really make sure that it’s a space you’re willing to spend a good number of hours in.

For example, you might have missed the signs telling you that you might be living with termites. Making sure that everything is clean doesn’t just mean that it’s spotless. You probably don’t want to live with any critters. Finding a reliable pest or insect control service that can do a free checkup for you will definitely save you money later on.

Another thing you need to inspect is clean air ducts. Why? So that you can have safe, filtered air. You don’t want to live or work in a space with an airflow that involves dust particles from a decade ago. Hire a duct cleaning service team, and have them sort it out for you without having to meet any unwanted critters in your vents. Also, keep an eye out for mold! It’ll spread fast, and it might even infect your lungs. The duct cleaning service team should be able to let you know if there are any.

Are You Aware of Your Neighbors?

moving day

Will they be noise-makers while you sleep or work? Will they be nice or intrusive? It sounds a tad nosy to ask, but it’ll definitely give you a better idea of what it’ll be like to live or work there. Maybe that office space isn’t the right environment for your team. Make sure that you really have a good look around the area. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions to your realtor or the building manager.

Will it be Difficult to Make Changes?

Let’s say you’ve got plans to change where you park your car or you see yourself expanding your kitchen. Maybe you’d like to change the windows in the office space or even the door lock for better security. Try asking the local government or the building manager of the area you’re trying to move into. It’ll be better to ask now rather than later so that you don’t feel frustrated when you can’t make any improvements. For most of the queries, you should be able to find your answers in a building code.

Are Your Things Ready for the Move?

One way you can help cut costs later on is by identifying which things you need to transfer to your new property. The more you transfer, the bigger and more trucks you’ll need to hire. If you’re moving as a family to a new home or your team to a bigger office, you’ll have to do some paring down. Make each team or family member decide on what is necessary to include in the move.

You can dispose of the stuff that can’t make it into the move by deciding which ones will go to recycling, which ones will be donated, and what will need to go to the dump. Sorting all of your items out ahead of time will keep you from having to procrastinate on the day of the move. It’ll be less stressful for you and everyone else.

Having your items packed for the move ahead of time will also allow you to better organize how they’re packed. For instance, you’ll be able to make a list of which items are placed in which box. This will help your unpacking go a lot more quickly.

It’s understandable that you would want to reduce any stresses that come with a big move, especially if you’re not moving alone. But when you finally take a seat in your new home or office, it’ll all be worth it.

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