Technological Advancements in the Dental Industry

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Today, there are plenty of brace types used around the world by different age groups. There have been significant technological advancements to enhance patients’ experience and make orthodontists’ work easier. If you plan to have a smile makeover, you will likely need digital orthodontics.

3D Imaging and Digital X-rays

Digital x-prays offer plenty of benefits that orthodontists are now enjoying. The images are of higher and better quality; thus, orthodontists have a more precise and detailed image of your mouth. Due to their digital nature, the orthodontist and the patient will not suffer downtime waiting for the images to be developed. The new 3D imaging system creates clear 3D images of all the teeth and creates a complete set of x-rays in a single 360° scan. This means that diagnosis is achieved at a faster rate, thus speeding up your treatment time.

Suresmile Technology

This orthodontic technology works by shaping the custom-made orthodontic wires according to the teeth alignment provided in the 3D images of your teeth. This robotic technology bends the archwires of your braces to fit within the 0.1mm. The 3D representation of your mouth and teeth helps your orthodontist analyze your bite from all angles with the help of simulations. This allows them to formulate a suitable treatment plan for you. A set of orthodontic archwires are made to your specification to match the treatment plan. This technology gives faster results and less time in braces.

iTero Scanners

The creation of the right brace fit size has gotten a lot easier. The iTero scanner in digital orthodontics allows an orthodontist to create digital teeth impressions, unlike yesteryears, where they were done manually. It is done by simply scanning a patient’s mouth, after which the images can be seen on a computer in a few minutes. Additionally, digital impressions have a higher accuracy degree, thus significantly reducing possible fit issues with the braces, which was a significant concern in the traditional construction of braces.

Titanium Wires

The digital era does not stop at the devices. Instead of using the traditional stainless-steel wires, orthodontists now prefer titanium wires, either copper or nickel. This is because these wires respond well to the temperatures in your mouth. As a result, the wires adjust and tighten more naturally as your teeth shift into the proper alignment. This saves time and money as you will not require as many adjustments and tightening appointments as you would have with stainless steel wires.

Invisalign Aligners

These modernized braces have significantly changed the dental industry and orthodontic care. When metal braces were the only option, patients dealt with a mouthful of wires for prolonged periods. This has always been a major esteem crasher for people of all ages, particularly teens whose esteem is building and are highly focused on body image.

Unlike the metal braces, clear Invisalign braces are almost invisible. A person would have to pay attention to notice them, unlike the conventional metallic braces. Additionally, they are more comfortable and flexible. With Invisalign, you have the liberty to remove them when eating, drinking, or flossing your teeth. However, you can only remove them for brief periods to avoid the need to extend the period you stay with them. Moreover, with Invisalign, you do not face teeth cleaning changes with traditional braces.

CAD/CAM Robotic Technology

Lingual braces have been effective for an extended period. They have, however, improved their effectiveness through the use of CAD/CAM robotic bending technology when used together with the 3D digital scanner technology. It isn’t easy to get right the wires and brackets at the back of the teeth. Previously, this part was saved for savvy orthodontists. However, any orthodontist can now quickly perfect the art of putting in the wires and brackets at the back with the assistance of robotic wire-bending technology.

When choosing an orthodontist for a smile makeover, you must get one with skills in the different levels of orthodontic care. Go for someone with individualized attention who will treat your case with the attention that it deserves. Also, go for a team that cares about your appearance and dental health and does its best to sustain it. Lastly, since dental health is not cheap, go for a facility that can consider insurance or one that can give you an affordable payment plan. This way, you will have a beautiful smile without worrying about affordability.

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