How to Take Care of Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are timeless, they are durable, and are classic options for every home. Hardwood floors are more than just stylish, they are elegant and good for the health of your family. If you plan to install hardwood floors or have already done so, then there are things that you will need to know for you to truly care for them.

Some people don’t even bother looking into how to take care of hardwood floors. They can find different tricks like adding residential coatings to make the wood more durable but if their flooring choice is not cared for, then after some time, they will find that their wood floors are not what they used to be. Keep your hardwood flooring in tip-top shape with these easy tips!

1. Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove dirt and dust

Sweeping or vacuuming the floor regularly is a must. Sweep or vacuum at least once a day to prevent dirt and dust from getting trapped in your wood floors. Dirt, sand, salt, and other sediment particles can cause damage to your hardwood flooring while dirty furniture legs can scratch it. You should also use a vacuum cleaner designed for wood floors to prevent wood damage.

2. Spills should be cleaned right away

If you spill anything on your hardwood floors, you should immediately clean it to prevent it from making a permanent stain. Use a cloth or towel to quickly mop up the spill so it does not penetrate the wood. If you spill something on your hardwood floor that leaves a stubborn visible mark or stain, a professional cleaner can be hired to remove it for you.

3. Mop with a damp cloth to remove any marks or stains

Mop or damp cloth with a mild cleanser like soap and water if your floor gets any marks or stains. Do not use an abrasive cleaner, vinegar, citrus juice, ammonia, bleach solutions, oil-based polishes, pre-soaks, and scouring powders on wood floors as these can damage them. For the dirt that you cannot remove with a damp cloth, it is best to hire a cleaner to do the job for you. Chemicals and commercial cleaners can damage your floor if used excessively.

4. Use felt pads on furniture legs

Use felt pads on the bottom of your furniture legs to protect your hardwood flooring from scratches and scuffs. You can buy these at any hardware or floor care supply store for a cheap price. If you cannot find felt pads, you may use old towels under the furniture legs.

5. Protect your flooring from scratches by using mats or rugs at all entrances

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It is the best practice to use area rugs or mats when you enter your home. This reduces the stress on your hardwood flooring by minimizing the amount of dirt and sand that gets into it. Also, always remove your shoes before entering so you don’t track in salt which can damage your floors.

6. Keep your hardwood flooring away from direct sunlight and heat

You should avoid storing anything that will get too hot on the surface of your hardwood flooring as this can damage it. Your furniture can block sunlight from hitting your floor; keep it away from windows and doors to prevent sun damage. This also reduces the chances of your hardwood flooring warping over time.

7. Apply floor wax regularly to keep the finish intact

If your wood floor has lost its shine and luster, you may use wax to add it back. Wax enhances the color of the wood and makes it look brand new. Wood floors can lose their sheen as time goes by because this is a natural process as the finish wears off with time. You can still restore your floor’s beautiful appearance even if you have used it for ten years or more by simply adding wax to it regularly. This is very simple to do; just use an applicator mop or microfiber cloth to wipe or spray on the wax.

8. Extend the life of your floors by refinishing or re-staining them about every five years

It is recommended to refinish or re-stain your hardwood floor every five years. If you don’t, the finish will peel off and the wood will eventually warp. Re-staining will help you save money because it can cover up any stains or scratches that may have happened over time while refinishing can make your floors look new again.

Keeping your hardwood floors in good shape is a lot of work. However, it’s worth the time and effort because hardwood floors add value to your home. If you follow these tips, you can take care of your wood flooring and it will look good for many years to come.


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