Summer with Your Children? Here Are Activities to Explore

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Summer is the perfect time to get your kids out of the house, away from electronics, and enjoy all that summer has to offer. With so many things to do, it can be tough to decide what to fill your child’s free time with this summer. Here are some activities for you and your child.

Go fishing together

You might not think about fishing as a family activity, but it’s surprisingly good fun, especially if you have any luck. Fishing is also great because there are plenty of fish species that are safe for children of different ages––from tiny minnows up to trout––so you can find something everyone will enjoy.

Make an obstacle course

If your garden or local park isn’t big enough to have an actual obstacle course, why not make your own? You can create a range of obstacles with items found around the house or garden and even use water features to add extra fun. This is great for active kids who want to burn some energy over the summer months.

Make up stories

When you were little, did you ever make up your own stories to go along with the pictures in storybooks? This summer, encourage your child to do the same. Not only is it a fun, creative activity, but it can also help with their reading and writing skills.

Have a picnic

A picnic is always a great idea for a summer activity, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to arrange. Just pack a few simple foods and drinks, grab a blanket, and head to your favorite spot. If the weather isn’t great, you can always move indoors.

Visit a nearby farm

Visiting a local farm is a great way to learn about where food comes from and see a variety of animals up close. Many farms also have activities like tractor rides and petting zoos which kids will love.

Go on a nature walk

A nature walk is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise at the same time. Look for local parks or nature trails, and bring along some binoculars or a field guide to identify any wildlife you find.

Host a water balloon fight

If your garden is big enough, why not host a water balloon fight? Just make sure everyone knows the “unwritten rules” beforehand. It’s also good fun to play indoors on warmer days.

Make a homemade pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? This classic summer dish is easy to make and can be adapted to include any toppings your child fancies. All you need is some dough (homemade or store-bought), sauce, cheese, and whatever else takes your fancy.

Play a board game

Whether it’s snakes and ladders, Monopoly, or Cluedo — board games are always fun. This summer, give one of these old classics a go with your child — you may find they love them as much as you did when you were younger.

Make sandcastles

If the beach isn’t close by, you can always create your own sandcastle beach at home. Just grab a bucket and some spades, and let your child’s imagination run wild.

Attend classes or workshops

Classes and workshops are a great way to keep kids entertained and learning over the summer months. For example, ballroom classes for kids will teach your child ballroom dancing, and there are plenty of courses to choose from. Whichever activity you go for, it’s sure to spark their imagination and creativity.

Go on a bike ride

Bike rides are another great way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors. If you don’t have a bike, see if there are any local bike hire places. You could also try a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt — both of which are perfect for summer days.

Make a giant outdoor jigsaw puzzle

If you have a large garden or open green space, try making a giant outdoor jigsaw puzzle. Kids will love the challenge of seeing what they can create. You could even make it into a competition or put on a show for your neighbors to watch.

Let them choose their own activity

Kids always have the most fun when given complete freedom to select their own activities. Let your child decide what they want to do for the day, and don’t put any pressure on them — this will help develop their independence and confidence.

With so many fun things to do, the summer will fly by before you know it. Which activity are you most excited to try with your child?

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