The Three Basics of a Successful Remote Wedding


The pandemic has completely changed every part of our lives, from coming to work, doing business, and organizing gatherings. If there’s anything the current situation has taught us, it’s probably the power of technology. The digital age has made it easier for us to access everything we need while in the comfort of our homes. This includes weddings, which you can now virtually plan and livestream.

While the global pandemic made it difficult to do things normally, couples are not letting the situation get in the way of their marriage. Just because of canceled flights and closed venues doesn’t mean couples can’t celebrate their big day.

Although weddings continue to push through virtually, there are still plenty of adjustments to be made. Because of social distancing measures, wedding ceremonies have become more intimate to accommodate a limited number of guests, and bridal dresses have become simpler, effortless, and less formal.

While safety measures are slowly easing in some areas, remote weddings may continue to push through to ensure the safety of everyone. So before deciding to postpone your wedding, you might want to consider a remote wedding to seal those vows.

Personalize the wedding

Without the trappings of a traditional wedding, many assume a remote wedding is more straightforward and less personalized. But this isn’t the case if you find ways to keep the guests involved from the beginning to the end of the ceremony.

Start by sending out detailed invitations with a personal message for each guest. Encourage them to wear anything festive and take part in speeches, ceremonial processions, and musical performances. You can also add a few decorations to your chosen venue to keep things lively and relevant.

Choose a reliable streaming device

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The device you will use is the most essential element of hosting a remote wedding. From great lighting, sound quality, and stable Internet connection, these aspects contribute to a successful virtual gathering.

There are plenty of free streaming services online, from Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, and Skype. You can also try video chat applications that specialize in virtual weddings and offer an interactive experience for the guest. This is a great option to involve and engage guests instead of simply letting them watch the wedding. You may also consider hosting the wedding across multiple platforms to provide options.

Another way is to consult a wedding vendor to ensure better sound, lighting, and connection without any disruptions. A dedicated streaming service uses the right technology to host a remote wedding while ensuring a smoother process. A streaming administrator will control the virtual aspects of the wedding by helping guests communicate. They can also help pick the ideal feed for multiple camera production.

When testing the Wi-Fi, make sure to check it at your chosen wedding venue. This way, you’ll know if there’s insufficient bandwidth, or the signal is too spotty. To prevent this, consider bringing a separate hotspot. The key is to have stable Wi-Fi to ensure the guests will enjoy your big day the best way possible.

Keep guests engaged

Never let the guests sit through the entire wedding, instead, provide an interactive activity to keep them engaged. For example, guests can pre-record their messages or a videographer can combine the video messages as a wedding keepsake.

Guests can also participate by providing readings during the ceremony, saying blessings before the meal, offering toasts, delivering wedding speeches, or performing live (e.g. musical performance or standup comedy).

To prevent dead air and awkward silences, hire a professional host to facilitate the wedding. A talented emcee can involve online guests and provide directions throughout the ceremony. Since remote weddings are entirely new, it’s important to have someone provide basic instructions and commentaries. The host can build audience engagement despite the physical distance.

A dress code is also necessary even though the wedding has to be online. The guests who will fill your screen are the most important set decoration, so it makes sense to encourage them to dress up. Enforcing a dress code gives guests a reason to be prepared and excited.

To express your appreciation for their presence, send in some home-delivered meals and specialty cocktails to delight the guests. Even without the reception, incorporating food elements offers a special touch to the occasion.

Although a remote wedding may be far different from your dream wedding, take this opportunity to create something intimate and beautiful. Make this small ceremony all about the experience and time you’ll be spending with the people wo really matter in your life. It may not be the way you want to get married, but it’s still something worth remembering.

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