Why straightening teeth should be a matter of urgency


In addition to aesthetics and improved masticatory function, straightening teeth with braces Liverpool offers so much more to dental health as well as overall wellbeing. By not straightening teeth, one would be at risk of gum disease, damaging teeth should an accident occur and losing natural teeth early due to poor oral health issues. Misaligned jaws can be the cause of dental pain, headaches, speech impediments, earaches and eating difficulties.

Orthodontic treatment is focused on making the best of one’s teeth and improving the health and function of teeth and jaws. Official statistics show that more than 200,000 children living in England and Wales have received orthodontic treatment each year. And while traditionally speaking, it has been mainly children on orthodontic treatment plans, adults have increasingly shown greater interest in orthodontic devices since the introduction of modern devices that are more discreet when worn.

Reasons why orthodontic treatment should be a priority

Dentists consider orthodontic treatment to be a smart investment that benefits not only dental health but also physical and mental health. The following are highlights of just some of the benefits offered by orthodontic treatment.

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The first obvious benefit is improved dental health. The simple act of straightening teeth holds a positive influence on oral health and function in a myriad of ways. Enhancing oral hygiene reduces the likelihood of cavities and gum disease, protects the integrity of the dental arch and improves bite and chewing capabilities, benefiting dental function and health. Misaligned jaws and bites pose a structural danger to teeth, and by improving alignment, teeth are protected from harm.

Physical health also receives a boost thanks to orthodontic treatment. By improving masticatory function, patients can benefit from proper nutrition and more effective digestion. This can only mean good news for a stronger immune system.

There are numerous life-reducing medical conditions that can be complicated by poor oral hygiene. Dental diseases such as gum disease carry bacteria that can also influence heart health and complicate uncontrolled diabetes.

The poor appearance of teeth (crooked, misaligned, and overcrowded) can have an adverse impact on the look of a smile, thus affecting confidence and mental health. As confidence is tied to physical appearance, and an attractive physical appearance benefits from a sunny smile, it is not hard to understand how a beautiful smile can uplift self-confidence.

Another way confidence is boosted is when orthodontics improves speech function. Speech impediments can easily make one feel unconscious to engage with others which, in turn, can affect social and professional relationships.

One may be more inclined to smile when one loves the look of one’s smile. Research evidence supports how smiling can boost feelings of happiness and positivity. The physical upward movement of face muscles into a smile triggers a response in the brain – the production of feel-good brain neurochemicals is stimulated. It is this biological reaction that links smiles to the happy feeling that follows.

So, all in all, orthodontic treatment offers plenty of benefits to cheer about, which supports this dental intervention as a top consideration.

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