Step Out: Activities You Can Enjoy within Your Outdoor Space


More than a year into the pandemic, Americans have been going out a lot. Well, almost.

By going out, we don’t mean going to the parks or the beach or on a road trip. We mean their outdoor spaces, which include their gardens, backyards, and porches.

In a recent survey by OnePoll for TruGreen, three out of four Americans said they valued their outdoor space more during the pandemic. On average, they spend 14 hours outside every week. They have also spent more than $1,900 in renovating and redesigning their outdoor spaces. At least seven out of 10 respondents have even made this a hobby.

At least 67% of Americans used to disregard their outdoor spaces during pre-pandemic. Outdoor spaces were usually used as parking lots and storage areas. They failed to maintain their home lawns regularly because it was costly.

But, with everyone feeling cabin fever already, people are now itching to go out. Still, they do not want to go out because of the virus. So, they maximize all the outdoor space that they have instead of just breathing some fresh air.

Maximizing Gardens, Patios, and Porches

The government’s recommendation to stay at home is not a problem for Americans with a huge outdoor space. According to a survey conducted by the International Casual Furnishings Association, Americans have been doing many activities in their patios, decks, and porches.

Some of the activities families do in their outdoor space include:

· Relaxing

People are stressed and exhausted due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, not everyone is confident about traveling already. So, the only choice they have is to walk around their lawns or porches to relax.

Families have been setting up their coffee tables and park benches within their gardens. They have breakfast or dinner outside, while others prefer to spend time alone in the morning. This is perfect for those whose outdoor areas are covered with walls made of concrete. It allows them to do as many activities as they can while still maintaining privacy from their neighbors.

· Grilling

If you can’t eat out, then eat outside of your house. Those who refuse to dine in their favorite restaurants do their cooking at home. They prefer to grill their favorite barbecue in their garden. Some even invite their family and friends for socially distanced gatherings on weekends. This is a lot safer than having to eat inside a crowded restaurant with poor ventilation.


· Gardening

The pandemic paved the way for first-time gardeners. According to reports, some Americans enjoyed gardening because it kept them preoccupied during the quarantine. Some also felt a sense of accomplishment, while others did eat to reduce stress. Others also did it to have easier access to fresh food. They enjoyed harvesting their produce and using it in their kitchens.

Records also show that there has been an uptick in the sales of seeds, plants, and other home gardening tools. This only shows how Americans took time off to also improve their lawns at home.

· Playing with Pets

Pet shows have been canceled. Even visits to the playpens or the vet clinics have become limited due to the pandemic. Some are not even comfortable walking their dogs around the village. This is why fur parents take advantage of their own space at home to walk their pets. Some even set up their playpens for their pets in their gardens.

This is also where kids play with their pets after a long week of distance learning.

· Exercising

People are more concerned with their health now. Given the remote work setup, people are more prone to keep a sedentary lifestyle. This is why people take advantage of their space outside to exercise. It doesn’t necessarily mean a full hardcore workout. Sometimes, a short walk or a quick stretching is enough to keep the blood circulating—no need for heavy dumbbells and weights. A simple yoga mat and a short YouTube workout video are enough.

Spending much time inside your house may take a toll on your physical and mental health. But, if you look around and see all the space that you have at home, you’ll realize that you do not need to go out to breathe. You’ll realize that you have this huge space where you can do so much more. Maximize your space. List down activities that you can do outside. Invite family and friends while still observing safety protocols.

You have all the space for the whole family to enjoy without having to compromise everyone’s safety. Better safe than sorry.

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