Staying Cool Even in the 2021 Heat


Imagine this: the sun on your skin, sounds of cheery people around you, the break of waves—outdoors at last. Summer may have been taken away from everyone last year due to restrictions on what can and cannot be done, but you are finally free to do as you please. Even though the rules on masks might be unsure, you can still soak up all the “vitamin sea” you need to get through a stressful workweek.

It is going to be a hot summer. The best way you can cool off and save electricity on that bill is to head out and spend the day at the beach in your breeziest swimwear. Here are some trends you can take with you there:

Yellow on the Beach

Last year was pretty dismal, so it makes sense that people want to liven it up. Bright-colored swimwear is in. Neon colors allow you to stand out in a wave of beachgoers, so picking a louder bathing suit is going to be a lot better. You can pick out from a broad range of fluorescent colors, but the most important thing to look out for is a style that can emphasize the parts of your body you want everyone to focus on.

There is color psychology associated with the color yellow. Aside from attention-grabbing, it brings about energetic and happy vibes. You could try out if yellow is a match for your skin as you go through its different shades. But just by looking at how the sun looks gorgeous over the beach, imagine how well you will be able to brighten up other people’s day as well when you wear it on your way out.

Golden Hour Hair


Aside from bright-colored swimsuits, balayage hair is alo on-trend. It draws attention to a special look as your hair catches sunrays to bring out your beautiful colors. There is a wonderful contrast among different strands of your hair, your skin, your neon-colored swimsuit, and your eyes. If you catch the golden hour, you are in for a real photo opportunity.

You can wear it any way you want—tied up or loose. One thing for sure is that you are going to create more defined colors on your image, no matter what swimsuit you are wearing. Even if you are most comfortable with a rash guard, it can still make you stand out. You can even pair it with a bright or a mellow sun hat, and it will keep you on-trend.

So treating yourself to a hairdo is definitely one of the things you should consider making your beach day special. What is more is that when you finally head back home, you will remember your day out just by looking in the mirror (even if you don’t get the tan that you want).

Sun-kissed Cheeks

If you don’t naturally get rosy cheeks, a few spots of lip tint might help. Just a bit on each cheek paired with your fresh new look can keep you cool in the scorching heat. This way, you can get sun-kissed cheeks with minimal effort.

A few reminders before you go:

You are definitely going to have a good time, so long as you let yourself have one. But to keep yourself at ease while you are there, try to keep the following in mind:

1. Wear your sunscreen


A tan might be lovely but do so with caution. You can look exotic one summer and get cancer in the end. Just be careful. If you are planning to get a tan, read up on how to do it safely without having to deal with any sunburn later on.

2. Drink plenty of water

Make sure you stay hydrated. As mentioned earlier, it is going to be a hot summer. The last thing you want is to be struck by a heatwave after dressing up for the beach. Pack a bottle for yourself, and don’t forget to take a sip now and then.

3. Pack some snacks

If you are unsure about food options at the beach, pack some snacks to have something to munch on without having to leave. You’ll save some money and stay satisfied while you are there. Of course, you should consider something that won’t spoil or melt.

Get excited to finally spend some beach time. Enjoy the waves, and bask in the tranquility that being on a coast can provide. After a bleak year, you deserve all the sun-time you can get.

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