How You Can Stay Active During Your Vacation

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For most people, their idea of a vacation is lying around in the sun, sipping margaritas, and enjoying the luxury of doing nothing. This kind of vacation sounds all well and good, but if you’re trying to stay active even while you are on vacation mode, then “lying around” may not be on your vacation to-do list.

Staying active is fairly easy to do, even while you’re in an unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, here are some of the best tips on how to stay active while you’re on vacation.

1. Pick a hotel with fitness amenities

Squeezing in a good workout into your vacation is much easier if you are in a hotel with fitness amenities, such as a gym or a pool. There are even some hotels that offer free fitness classes to guests. Pick out a hotel with a workout facility that you like and incorporate workouts into your itinerary so that you can stay on top of your routine even while you’re on vacation.

2. Pack your fitness essentials

If you plan to work out while on your trip, don’t forget to pack your fitness essentials, such as your gym clothes, workout headbands for women, and exercise shoes. You can also opt to pack small equipment, such as resistance bands, a yoga mat, or a small pair of dumbbells. But if you are staying in a hotel with an equipped workout facility, there is probably no need to bring your equipment with you.

3. Find other ways to exercise

Not all hotels have workout facilities, and those that do are not always great. If you book a hotel that doesn’t have a workout facility (or has one but is not to your liking), find other means to squeeze some exercise into your itinerary. For example, if there is a park near where you’re staying, try walking or jogging. If you’re looking for something more intense, see if there are any gyms nearby that offer day passes.

Don’t feel like going out? There are lots of indoor workouts that you can do in your hotel room. From jumping jacks to sit-ups, you can get your daily exercise in without leaving the comfort of your room.

4. Walk more

While you’re on vacation, you’re probably indulging yourself more than usual when it comes to food and drink—and that’s perfectly okay; you’re on vacation, after all. However, if you want to burn off all that extra food and alcohol, you need more physical activity.

A great way to increase your physical activity is by walking. Instead of hailing taxis or taking public transport, opt to walk when you can, especially after a big meal. Walking is a gentle form of exercise; it can help improve digestion, burn off excess calories, and even save money on transportation costs. So whenever you have the chance, use your feet to get to places!

5. Engage in athletic activities

Water sports, hiking, swimming, and other typical vacation activities can also double as your workout. Not only are vacation activities that are athletic in nature fun, but they can also burn massive amounts of calories without you even noticing it. That said, fill your itinerary with fun yet high-level physical activities, such as skiing, swimming, waterboarding, surfing, and more. Just make sure you are physically conditioned to do them safely.

6. Find walking distance destinations

Between the main attractions in your itinerary, try visiting restaurants, shops, and tourist destinations that are within walking distance of your hotel. Aside from being an excuse to explore the area, walking around is always a great form of light exercise.

7. Maintain strength training

It is fairly easy to get your cardio in a while on vacation, but for strength training—not so much. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can maintain your muscle strength until you get back to your regular strength training at the gym. Examples include doing bodyweight exercises, using resistance, bands, and lifting heavy objects around your hotel room, among others.

8. Pack a jump rope

A jump rope is one of the most compact pieces of workout equipment. Better yet, jump roping is also an excellent form of aerobic exercise. You can also do it almost anywhere as long as you have enough space, be it in your hotel room or outdoors.

You probably won’t gain weight or lose a lot of muscle strength in just a few days of no exercise, but it’s still a good idea to get some physical activity for the physical and mental health benefits. Even while you’re on vacation, there are plenty of ways to do so, starting with the tips mentioned above.

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