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Every bookworm dreams about living in a library. But once you’ve made that fantasy a reality, what’s next? It’s easier to imagine your library than to actually build it. Building the real thing can take away your giddiness over finally having a reading retreat because the construction stage is far from glamorous. You’d deal with a lot of structural materials, like wood, metal, electrical features, and other practical stuff. Hence, by the time you’re finished, you’re too tired for decorating. You just want to organize your books on your new shelves and be done with it.

But the allure of your new library may wear off fast if you don’t fill the space with decorations and accessories. So once you’ve recharged, start bringing your favorite fictional worlds into your real-life space through these library accessories:

1. Dramatic Lighting

Did you know that books shouldn’t be exposed to natural lighting? That’s right; sunlight degrades the quality of your books, discoloring the spines and tanning the pages quickly. So while it’s energizing to bask in the sunlight while reading a book, limit the natural light that enters the space. Illuminate your library with artificial but dramatic lighting instead.

Install some wall sconces on the shelves to add visual interest to your books during the night. If that would look a little bulky, consider track lights; install them on top of the shelves so that the light would shine down on your titles. You can also install them on the ceiling, focusing the lights on the different levels of your shelves.

Pendant lights will also look magnificent, but right on top of your reading nook. If you prefer more direct lighting, go for statement floor lamps.

Note that overhead light fixtures require a pro to be installed, so don’t attempt to perform the task on your own, even if you can follow some tutorials on the internet. Call a trusted electrical company to get help. The last thing your library needs is a short-circuiting light that may burn down the whole space. Books can spread fire fast!

2. A Classic Chair

French-style classic chairs may not be the most comfortable furniture piece to sit in, but they undeniably add elegance and old-world appeal to a library. It can make you feel like you’ve been transported to a historical fiction world. Matched with an oversize antique lamp and any type of dark-colored furniture, your classic chair can be the focal point of your library.

3. Artwork

Though the colorful spines of your books can already serve as the main art piece in your library, it wouldn’t hurt to add an actual artwork in the space. Hang some paintings on the walls; it will give your library more personality. You can even hang artwork directly on the bookshelf to break up the overwhelming sight of your vast book collection.

4. A Dehumidifier

Let’s veer into the practical side for a moment. Since your library should also preserve the good condition of your books, you must have a dehumidifier. Leaving your books exposed to high humidity damages the pages fast, like what the sunlight does. So put a dehumidifier on the moisture’s access point. If the room is too dry, do the opposite and put a humidifier in it, setting it to the ideal relative humidity level.

5. An Air Purifier

Now that we’re talking about air quality, let’s not skip the air purifier. If you live in an urban neighborhood with poor air quality, your surroundings may be plagued by nitrogen and sulfur, both of which deteriorate books fast. But that’s nothing an air purifier can’t resolve.

6. Cute Book Ends

If you still have a lot of shelf space, you can fill in the bare areas with bookends. They’d add character to your shelves and make your small collection visually pleasing.

7. Shelf Ladder

Having a rolling shelf ladder is probably on every bookworm’s goals, too. It’s not just pretty, but functional too. But it only looks good on shelves that take up a whole wall’s space.

8. Moody Wall Color

“Booktube” (Youtube + books) and “Bookstagram” (books + Instagram) popularized the all-white library aesthetic, but don’t you think we’ve had enough white already? It’s about time to bring back colors. If you’re afraid of using the wrong color combination, just create an accent wall with a moody shade. Single non-white color in an otherwise white space already makes a huge difference.

9. A Chaise

Lastly, you need a cozy furniture piece. Choose a chaise because it has a more whimsical and classical appeal. Plus, you can lay down on it and take naps in between your reading.

These accessories will add so much life and character to your library, making you more excited to pick up your next read. Switch things up every once in a while so that you can also feel like you’re moving across different worlds each time you start a new novel.

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