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Purely going to the gym can be challenging to stick with, offsetting many people away from their fitness goals. Luckily, playing sports is one of the best ways to boost your physical health and help you stay fit. The best part is, you get to have fun in the process.

That said, here are the best exercises for fitness.

Squash and Racquetball

Squash and racquetball are fantastic all-around sports that people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy since they can range from entry-level sports to a highly competitive and intense workout session. The best way to make these fast-paced activities approachable for an amateur is by slowing the game’s pace.

Racquetball and squash targets all muscles on your shoulders, arms, back, chest, glutes, quads, and hamstrings, all the while conditioning your core. You can use a stalker radar to keep track of your hits’ intensity and gradually increase your pace from there for the best results.

The sport combines endurance, balance, agility, and speed, giving you a fantastic workout session while burning plenty of calories, keeping you fit long-term.


Although boxing might not be the ‘obvious’ choice for staying fit, it’s slowly becoming one of the most popular and healthiest sports you can participate in, especially among younger individuals. Boxing increases your strength, improves balance, posture, alertness, and boosts your endurance, efficiently working on most of your major muscle groups. The sport consists of throwing punches at your opponent, and you can do this in the air or at a punching bag with a group class or a dedicated trainer.


Tennis is a fun and excellent sport for building optimal physical health, combining speed and power and quick reflexes, boosting your endurance while working on all your major muscle groups and cardiovascular system, promoting better overall fitness. You can join several tennis clubs at your location or visit leisure centers with accessible courts and play with your friends or strangers.

Tennis is the best sport to add to your usual exercise regimen, giving you a fun way to burn calories and build muscles. So, it’s best to keep a racket in your car or at the office to let you off some steam whenever you feel like it.



If you’re looking to maintain your fitness and give yourself a muscle boost, weightlifting is just the sport for you, and it’s an excellent sport for losing weight as well. Many people overlook weight lifting for cardio exercises. Although cardio burns more calories during workouts, it provides minimal benefit in helping a person burn calories afterward and the rest of the day. Plus, any weight loss you get from cardio is likely to be muscle, resulting in inefficient metabolism.

The most crucial factor you need to focus on for fat loss while exercising is building and preserving as much muscle mass as possible, allowing you to keep lean body mass, improving your strength, and maintaining your overall fitness. However, before you begin lifting weights, it’s best to speak to a professional to find out the best way to incorporate it into your routine.


If you’re looking to get fitter without leaving a dent in your wallet, running is the best sport just for that—and it’s one of the best sports that burn the most calories. You can do this with a friend or by yourself, and you can go on different trails, giving you new surroundings during each run.

Road Cycling and Mountain Biking

Cycling through roads and trails, whether you’re going fast or slow, cycling is one of the best sports you can do to boost your fitness. It gives you a fantastic aerobic workout and lets you condition your leg muscles only after a few miles. Plus, the best part is, there are several bikes appropriate for all ages and stages. For instance, experienced cyclists can participate in road cycling and mountain biking, while amateurs can begin with paved trails.


Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to test your endurance and strength or only looking for a fun way to do a high-intensity workout, training for a triathlon is the ultimate sport for optimal fitness. The sport combines biking, running, and swimming, challenging every muscle of your body—boosting your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Although working out at gyms is an excellent way of breaking a sweat and staying fit, playing sports can make the process more fun and bearable. You can do any of the sports mentioned with friends or yourself, helping you stay fit and healthy—while allowing you to stay healthy and on track long-term.

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