How You Can Show Appreciation to Your Employees

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No business was exempt from bearing the brunt of the pandemic. In the toughest years that pushed everyone to their limits, it took massive transformation to keep the ball rolling in an otherwise sluggish economic runway. Those who managed to put it together and thrive to this day did so because of intensified teamwork.

For them, the biggest contributor to their survival is undoubtedly their employees. These are the people who, at some point, had to sacrifice their safety for the company’s goals. With this, they deserve all the props and reassurance that the company will do anything in its power to support them in this difficult period.

It is natural to worry that your methods of showing appreciation will be viewed as something mechanical, something you had to do just out of routine and that there’s little heart in the gesture. That is why we teach you how to execute your plan in ways that show your sincere thanks for the time and energy they continue to willingly dedicate to the organization.

Public Recognition

Generously complimenting your staff in front of your colleagues stays as one of the best ways to make them feel valued. In fact, it is enough to lift their spirits whenever they feel like their motivation to work is waning. Such a gesture will remind them that, despite their imperfections or how menial they think their role is, they still form an integral part of the company.

Celebrate the Small Wins

So many projects are finalized, leaving little thought on the grueling process every member had to go through prior. People are only so caught up with deadlines that they want to move from one project to another. It is only right for managers to initiate the celebration of these small wins, especially now that every move the organization makes is crucial for its survival.

There are countless reasons to celebrate the team. If a project is finished earlier than the set deadline, if sales peaked in an otherwise lean season, or if there was a drop in adverse incidents that transpired during operations, these are all worthy of applause. Still, to surprise your team with a mini party is an unbeatable idea.

Simple But Meaningful Tokens

Give your employee a token that they can use while working, like a letter opener, a small pillow, or a mug. Personalize it through customized screen printing designs. Having this token on their desktop will remind them that their hard work is appreciated.

Introduce Wellness Programs

For so long, employee benefits maintained focus on financial assistance. Today, however, with the stress caused by the pandemic is an increased emphasis on the employee’s mental health. That is why launching mental health counseling and hotlines are becoming the norm.

Never have we faced uncertainty in our health, finances, and employment all at once. The least the management can do for their employees is to show they understand their plight. If need be, give them mental health breaks during office hours or have them take stress leaves.

New Normal Constructive Feedback

If your team is still working remotely and only meeting via Zoom, you can initiate a culture of creative compliments. Instead of just the traditional written feedback, add dynamic GIFs that encapsulate what they feel overall about the presentation. This will help employees get over their nerves while presenting and make them more confident with sharing their ideas. Equally important is that the team becomes closer in the process.

Care Package

When mass gatherings are restricted, and you cannot personally award your employees for their exemplary work, you can opt for sending them care packages instead. Stash them up with treats they can indulge in during snack breaks. Make it more heartfelt by inserting a dedicated message.

A Worthwhile Outing

Company outings are a challenge to arrange these days. With that, you can give out entry passes to scenic spots to your employees instead. Enjoying fresh air and nature has become a luxury for many; your employees might want to trade a day to experience this gift. With this slice of nature treats, they can return to work more refreshed and ready to tackle challenges.

More tender loving care and effort need to be given to employees these days. Seeing them as mere assets to the company is outdated. Instead, employers and managers should strive to create a genuine connection with them and better understand their human needs. Of those needs, sincere recognition is what will keep them going amid unprecedented challenges.

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