Should You Hire a Home Organizer?

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All of us deal with clutter in one way or another. The consumerist society is partly to blame. Many people can be easily influenced by marketing ploys to buy something even if they don’t really need it. Some may buy positional goods for the sake of showing off on social media.

Also, we’re living in the “influencer era” where the people we follow on social media have the power to persuade us to buy certain things we don’t need just to “belong” or be part of a trend. Another reason for clutter is emotional attachment. You might keep certain items because of their sentimental value.

Eventually, the things you buy and keep become clutter. And having too much clutter in your surroundings can cause stress and make you unable to focus. One solution to your clutter problem is to hire a professional home organizer.

Some may be skeptical of professional home organizers. Their rates usually range from $100 up to a few thousand dollars. Thus, a lot of people think hiring them is a waste of money. After all, any person can organize their possessions by themselves. It may take time, but it’s free. The most they would spend is on storage containers to put their things in.

But as their title suggests, a professional organizer is an expert in organizing and decluttering physical and digital spaces. Hiring one can be a worthy expense since they can help you in many ways.

Extensive Knowledge and Connections

When parts of your home get damaged, you hire experts to get them fixed. You can go the DIY route, but it isn’t always the better option. For example, if your roof gets damaged, you’re most likely to employ experts for their roof and chimney repair services with years of experience.

That’s the same concept with professional home organizers. They have years of experience. So they know different organization strategies such as the KonMari method, Feng Shui, and Swedish Death Cleaning. This way, they can accommodate the different needs and demands of their clients.

Professional organizers also have valuable connections. For example, they know where to take your things for recycling or find the products you want. And if a client’s clutter is linked to a mental disorder, such as hoarding disorder, the organizing expert can help the client seek assistance from a counselor.

Time Efficiency

Decluttering and cleaning take time. Doing both can easily take an entire day, or even more, depending on the size of the home and the amount of clutter.

If you’re too busy with work, family, and other engagements, hiring a professional home organizer is your best bet. The argument of “waste of money” can be challenged in this case. For example, if you take time off work for a few days to organize and clean your home, you’re also losing money. And you may take more time to declutter than an experienced organizer. Thus, hiring one is much more practical.

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Efficient Decluttering

When you declutter, some things may be difficult to let go of due to their sentimental value. So even if you want to minimize your belongings to declutter, you might end up letting anything go.

There’s nothing bad about keeping things that hold a special meaning to you. A few pieces of memorabilia as decor can also add a personal touch to your home. But if you keep everything with a sentimental meaning, you’ll end up with a pile of things that take up all your space. You won’t have room for new memories.

In this case, a professional organizer will be beneficial. They are essentially a stranger. And technically, your things don’t mean anything to them. So they’ll be able to provide you with objective advice on which things to keep and which things to let go of.

Better Organization Method

Decluttering and organizing are things that you need to do regularly. They’re not a one-time thing. But realistically, it’s expensive and impractical to hire a professional organizer every month or so.

Fortunately, you won’t have to keep doing that. If you hire a professional organizer even just once, they can help you develop an organization method tailored to your needs. They can teach you easy ways to organize your mail and bills, your clothes, and other possessions. As a result, you can maintain your home by yourself for a long period.

Given all these benefits, hiring a professional home organizer isn’t a waste of money. It’s a practical expense that will help you get your life together, at least with the things you own.

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