Should I get Invisalign?


If you are looking for a way to straighten your smile, without the fuss of constant dental appointments or invasive surgeries, then Invisalign in Bromley could be right for you. Throughout this treatment, your teeth will be straightened gradually by clear, plastic aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth.

What’s the process?

As with any dental treatment, you will firstly have a consultation appointment with your dentist to fully discuss everything about Bromley Invisalign. This would be the perfect time for you to ask any questions you may have about the treatment to increase your knowledge about it and feel more comfortable. Your dentist will then examine your teeth and jaw to make sure you are eligible and will take scans that will be used to create your aligners.

Once you have had your consultation appointment and are going forward with the process, the next step is to wait for your aligners to be created. This usually takes around 2 weeks, but will vary depending on your dentist. Once this is complete, you will receive multiple aligners that you will change through from the comfort of your own home. Each aligner is slightly different, and will straighten your teeth over time.

The average treatment time for this usually varies from 6-12 months, depending on the severity of your case. Within this time, you will be changing your aligners every couple of weeks and will only have to visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks for a check up.

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What are the advantages?

There are so many great benefits for you to enjoy when you have Invisalign at Bromley, from the start to the end of the treatment.


The whole process is very simple, from the consultation meeting, during the treatment, and afterwards. The consultation meeting and the treatment itself don’t involve any invasive procedures, and the scans that are taken are usually done with very high-tech equipment for efficiency. Being able to change through your different aligners from the comfort of your own home is also a great benefit, especially for those with a busy lifestyle

The aligners are removable, meaning that you can easily remove them when you are eating and when you brush your teeth. This means there are no restrictions on the foods you eat, due to there being no risk of your aligners getting damaged because you can take them out easily.

Near-invisible appearance

If you don’t want to draw extra attention to your mouth whilst straightening your teeth, then this treatment is a great choice. Due to the thin, clear plastic material that is used to make the aligners, other people will not even notice you had your aligners in. The aligners are also custom-made for your teeth, so they fit snug around them, which also helps to reduce their visibility.


Unlike some other teeth straightening treatments, this does not involve any metal in the mouth, and nothing sharp that could potentially damage the teeth or gums. The aligners are soft to the touch, which can increase your comfort massively.

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