Rocking a Sportswear Without Looking Like You’re Headed to a Game

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In the early 2000s, when fashion magazines were a huge hit, we’ve learned the different styles in fashion, one of which was sporty. It was defined as a basic, comfortable style that blends athleticism and leisure, a.k.a. athleisure.

Back in the day, people donned track pants, jersey tops, baseball caps, and sporting shoes everywhere. As the 2010s came in, activewear rose in popularity, with girls wearing leggings instead of jeans. Now, the sporty-chic style has evolved into more variations. It’s no longer limited to sportswear but has extended to pretty much any clothing that emits an athletic vibe.

But if you’d rather stick to the classics, there’s no shame in flaunting your jersey still. However, you may risk looking old-fashioned or inappropriately dressed, depending on where you’d go. So here are the tricks to making your sportswear look fabulous outside sports:

1. Pick the Right Size and Fit

Oversize jerseys (and baggy clothing in general) were a hot trend several years ago. While some baggy clothing can still look cute to this day, jerseys aren’t one of those.

If you’re a girl who wants to look petite and not engulfed in your oversize jersey, go for the right fit. If the jersey is your man’s, gather the excess fabric of the clothing and tie it into a knot. That way, the oversize jersey will highlight your figure.

Do the same for your sporty jackets or vests. If you want to wear your ski jacket to a date, for example, choose the slim ones, not the thermal ones with bulky puffs. You may look suffocated with a too-puffy jacket, not to mention the style is unflattering on all levels. If you don’t have a stylish ski jacket, treat yourself to a chic Descente challenger jacket or anything alike. Your splurge will be worth it.

2. Play it Safe With a Pair of Jeans and a Baseball Cap

If experimenting with sportswear intimidates you, play it safe by partnering your jersey with a pair of denim jeans, and finishing your look with a baseball cap. This foolproof outfit looks good on anyone, and appropriate for any casual hangout outside sports.

3. Liberate Yourself: Go Out in Your Sports Bra

Women in sports bras outside the gym aren’t a new sight. But ladies who haven’t dared to don the style yet may feel unnerved by it. Be confident; sports bras aren’t the same as intimate apparel. Besides, you can always cover up with a sporty zip-up hoodie. Wearing your sports bra outside the gym, be it for a morning jog or brunch, can make you feel more liberated and even exhilarated. It shows off your gains and sense of empowerment.

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4. Wear Boots Instead of Sneakers

Sneakers aren’t always necessary footwear in the sporty-chic style. Considering that you’d be donning sportswear outside sports, it’s completely fine to ditch the sneakers for a pair of boots. You can even merge sporty chic and ranch style; wear a coat over your jersey, and tie a fanny pack around your hips.

5. Avoid Heels

No matter how experimental or deviant you want to look, there’s just no way for jerseys and heels to mesh well. The “chic” in sporty chic isn’t an excuse the sabotage the style with high heels. You can layer your jersey with a blazer and tuck it into a pair of jeans, but won’t that defeat the purpose of your sporty attire? If you really want to increase your height, only go for high-heeled boots.

6. Track Pants Are Still In

You can still wear track pants without looking like you got stuck in the 2000s. The key is to buy your tracks from trendy fashion brands and to choose a cut that’s more flattering than the flared or puffy ones we all know. Consider a high-waisted baggy pair. Wear it with a soccer jersey tucked in, and a pair of platform sneakers to emphasize your height. Accessorize with hoop earrings, sunglasses, and a crossbody purse. You’ll look ready for a date or for a shopping trip.

7. Fuse Sportswear and Corporate Attire

Since we’re talking about wearing sportswear outside sports here, we shouldn’t end this article without a tip on how to rock your activewear at work. Surprisingly, there are several ways to disguise your gym clothes as corporate attire.

If you’re getting sick of your uncomfortable slacks or skirts, wear your yoga pants. Choose a cut that matches with your blazer or any chosen top. The yoga pants won’t be obvious as long as it’s paired with a professional-looking garment.

Need a more breathable top? Garb yourself in a sporty tunic, and pair it with your yoga pants. It shouldn’t break the dress code if smart casual is the preferred style in your workplace.

Thanks to the continuous evolution of fashion, sportswear and activewear have become more versatile and acceptable in settings outside the stadium and the gym. It took the comfort game in fashion to the next level.

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