Pointers on Designing a Glorious and Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen

Having a complete and well-designed kitchen presents so many advantages. For one, it encourages individuals or families to learn how to cook, which is always a plus for one’s financial life. For another, it’s good for our waistline. Cooking is a habit that helps us save money and choose healthier options, too.

Moreover, building a high-quality, well-designed kitchen adds value to our home. So if you envision yourself selling the house one day, doing a modern kitchen remodel might help increase the value of the property, given you employ smart strategies like choosing the right materials.

Having a high-quality kitchen is a must in a post-pandemic world. Here are some tips for designing a glorious, complete, and modern kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to go dark

If your kitchen allows for a lot of natural light, there’s no reason why you should be afraid to opt for a darker color palette. Dark grays, navy blue, and even an interesting type of green can add more depth and interest to your modern kitchen as opposed to the standard white or pastel.

If you’re too afraid to try a darker shade for the main color, try using it on the floor. Opt for a darker hardwood floor to contrast with the brighter colors you choose for the cabinetry, counters, furniture, and others. Just make sure to properly seal your floor using epoxy to ensure that the color lasts for a long time.

Invest in a kitchen island

kitchen island

Nothing dates are kitchen more than the kind of island or counters we have in it. No contemporary home is truly complete without a modern take on the kitchen island. Here are some tips for choosing, designing, and styling the best kitchen island for your home:

  • Determine the purpose of your island. What will you be using it for the most? Some examples include having your kids use it as a homework station while you cook, additional entertaining or seating areas for when guests come over, or providing extra space for storage. It can also be a breakfast bar. You can use the kitchen island for all these reasons and more, but you need to identify who will be using the island because it will help narrow down your many choices.
  • When choosing an island, make sure it is in perfect proportions. This is important because the size of your island relative to your kitchen will determine its ergonomics. Your architect or interior designer will play a big part in this, so don’t forget to tell them about the home’s occupants. For example, will young kids be running around? Ensure that they won’t be running into sharp corners that might cause injury to them. Another example is designing the kitchen so that it won’t hurt your back while you cook or work. The right island will also allow for enough space in the kitchen.
  • There are two major types of kitchen islands: fitted, which is more of a fixed type of island which can add more functions; and freestanding, which provides a more relaxed feel. While the trends are moving towards the latter, fitted islands are not likely to go out of style anytime soon, if at all. No matter which type you go with, make sure it’s something that makes sense for your needs and personal style.

Mix contrasting elements

When it comes to interior design, here are some keywords you need to remember:

  • Balance
  • Rhythm
  • Harmony
  • Emphasis
  • Scale and proportion

To achieve these golden words, you need to not be afraid of mixing and matching seemingly contrasting design elements. This can mean the following:

  • Light and dark
  • Circles and squares
  • Vintage and modern
  • Natural and industrial

One practical example of this principle is opting for around breakfast bar to offset the large rectangular island in the kitchen. Or if you don’t have room for a breakfast bar, you can opt for a more circular pendant light to achieve the same result. Another example is using wood materials for the stools while opting for metal or golden fixtures for the hardware. When done right, using contrasting elements in your kitchen can make it look more dynamic and balanced. Just make sure to take a step back so you’re not overdoing or over-designing it.

The look and feel of your kitchen can make or break your entire house’s modern vibe, not to mention can help determine the value of your property. If you must invest in one part of your home, make it your kitchen, and let the rest of the house follow.

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