Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing an Intimate Wedding During the Pandemic

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Although the government has been rolling out vaccines and inoculating the age group that can get it, this is not an excuse to throw caution to the wind and hold a wedding party for 500 guests. Sure, that was legal in North Dakota even amid the countrywide outbreak, but you do want to keep everyone safe, right? The rules of a pandemic wedding vary per state, but the core of it remains the same: avoid big gatherings and keep wearing a mask even during a night of revelry.

The responsibility of keeping your loved ones safe from the virus falls on your able shoulders. Of course, they will come if invited. They’d want to be there for you. But they want to be safe, too. They don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying no but if they only knew you are going to invite 10 families from 10 different households, they might think twice about attending.

There’s a story about a family of 18 people who, after not seeing each other physically for a year, decided to get together and celebrate the birth of a grandchild. As the night goes on, they removed their masks. By the next day, they fell sick one by one. At the end of the week, all 18 of them are sick. They luckily survived, but it would’ve made a world of difference if they only followed the protocol of not combining households.

Intimate Weddings Are the Trend Nowadays

As the pandemic wears on, weddings keep getting canceled. It’s either the couple wants to celebrate big or they could not bring themselves to celebrate their togetherness amid reports of loved ones and acquaintances succumbing to the virus. But if you do decide to push on with the wedding, know that an intimate one is a trend these days. And look at the bright side: you can afford one of those expensive engagement rings since you’re not going to organize a party for 100 guests or more.

Intimate in weddings mean inviting only two households max. Some states like California only allow guests to be from the same household. Basically, that means only the couple. Even their parents, who belong to two different households, will not be able to attend under these rules. But if you are lucky enough to live in a state that allows at least 10 people to be a part of the wedding, then maximize that rule.

Inviting More Than You Should

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Who are the people who truly need to be there? Your parents, siblings, and a handful of close friends (the matchmaker, perhaps) are the only people you need at your wedding. Anyone beyond that is too much. You cannot invite your workmates or your gym buddy. The smaller your wedding party is, the safer everyone is going to be at your wedding.

Not Talking to Your Suppliers About the Protocols

Do your suppliers agree to wear masks during the wedding ceremony and party? Even if they are already vaccinated, some of your guests may not be. Vaccinated people can still be carriers of the virus and transmit it to unvaccinated individuals. Make sure that your suppliers—from the caterer to the florist to the photographer—agree to wear a mask and follow social distancing protocols.

Not Enforcing the Same Rules with Your Guests

Your suppliers will follow your rules because you’re the one paying them. Besides, they know what not following the protocols will mean for their businesses. Your guests may not be as responsible. Be strict with the enforcement of the health protocols. Whether it’s a small party or a slightly bigger one, make sure someone is policing the guests, making sure that they are wearing their masks and practicing social distancing.

Becoming Inflexible with Your Dream Wedding

If there’s one thing the past year should’ve taught you, it’s that flexibility when it comes to your plans will keep you sane. You are not the only couple who postponed their wedding. While you are planning a smaller one, it doesn’t mean there will be no interruption again. Be flexible. These are different times and small outbreaks can postpone your plans again. Take it in stride or better yet, commit to marrying on a certain day regardless if it’s only you and your future spouse.

It is going to take a while before this pandemic ends. While there are certain sacrifices that you have to make, know that you are making it for the safety of everyone around you. Avoiding these mistakes in planning a pandemic wedding will keep everyone you love safe and healthy.

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