Home Protection: Which Personal Defense Weapon Should You Have?

personal defense weapons

Home defense is a necessary concern for many Americans, even though crime rates slow decline during the pandemic. Unfortunately, there’s no primary way to protect your family from home invasions. Each person has his or her preferred ways to do it. However, the best deterrent is to have a personal defense weapon or PDW inside your home.

About half of the U.S. population owns a gun. The majority of them own at least one gun, and its main purpose is to act as PDW against home invasions and other crimes. If you’re new to the world of firearms and you’re not entirely sure what PDW is meant for you, you’ve come to the right place. We will be discussing the optimal PDWs for a civilian and how to use them.

Personal Defense Weapon

Personal Defense Weapons or PDWs can come in many forms, and they don’t necessarily have to be guns. For example, some people often use a baseball bat as their primary PDW. There are also some with unique PDWs, such as a Japanese sword or a poker.

Most melee-based PDWs that have other purposes, such as baseball bats, don’t necessarily need a permit for you to own one. However, something like a Japanese sword will require you to have a permit in most states, especially if it’s a sharpened one.

It’s good to have at least one designated PDW in your home, regardless of its nature, may it be a baseball bat or a kitchen knife. It’s also in your best interest to have it close to you at all times. Place one inside your room in case of trouble.

However, the most effective PDW is a gun. Experts believe it’s the most powerful deterrent against crime, even if you have no intention to use it.


Pistols and Revolvers

If you’re looking for an entry-level PDW that’s easy to both use and handle, then look no further. Pistols and revolvers are for you. Both are considered to be handguns, and they are the most produced gun in the U.S. The best part of it all is that you’re free to conceal-carry them in many states in the U.S. So have a look into your state laws if you’re planning to bring your handgun around for self-defense.

A specific suggestion we have for you is a snub nose revolver. It’s compact, easy to conceal, and easy to handle. It might not have the same range as other revolvers in the market, but it’s cheap and reliable. Currently, it’s considered to be a beginner-friendly choice for first-time gun buyers.

If you’re looking for something that packs a bit more punch, range, and capacity, then the Glock-9 is for you. This pistol is regarded to be the best pistol of the modern era because of its reliability and performance. No one’s going to pick a fight with you if you have this handgun.


The following range of PDWs you should be looking out for are shotguns. They are great at close-combat, and any home invader will certainly put their hands up the moment you point a shotgun at them.

Shotguns are the best deterrence for any crime. Consider purchasing a Remington 870 for your home if you want to have the best PDW in the market.

Necessary Precautions

Shooting Range

The shooting range should be the only place where you practice your shooting. Don’t do it anywhere else, even on an empty plot of land (unless you have the necessary permits for it). This is to avoid trouble, unnecessary injuries, and damages.

Visiting the shooting range every week in the next few months is essential. However, if you can afford it, it’s always good to install indoor shooting range systems in your home, especially if you have the space for it. It’s a good place to practice your shooting and trigger discipline. If you’re a hobbyist, then this is a must-have.

Have a Mentor

If it’s your first time owning a PDW, then consider hiring a mentor to teach you the basics. Not all guns are the same. Each has a different weight and mechanisms that work. However, they all have the capability to harm someone. Having a mentor should give some insight into how to use your PDW.

Moreover, a mentor who specializes in home defense can also give you the tips you need in case of a break-in. This includes the protocols you should follow, when to use your PDW, and how to use it. Know that a person with a PDW but no know-how to use it can cause more damage to themselves during a home invasion.

Higher-Caliber PDWs

We would like to inform you that you don’t need a higher-caliber PDW like a rifle for self-defense. It’s overkill to have one, and most states require a rifle permit to own one anyway. Also, it’s too expensive to be a PDW, so leave rifles for the hobbyists.

Choosing the right kind of PDW can help you in most life-threatening situations. But, using it is a whole other story. So, get the mentorship you need and make sure to practice.

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