Parents Need to Spend Time with Their Kids (No Matter How Exhausting It Is)

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Do you know that you have only 940 Saturdays with your kid before they go to college? How many of those Saturdays have you used? Have you used them wisely? So many of us are exhausted from the day’s work that we can barely open our eyes when we arrive home, and the kids are eagerly waiting for us to play with them. Doesn’t that break your heart? Your kid has waited the whole day just to get an hour of play with you, but you’re too tired to do that.

Why not take them out to your Stratco patio from Brisbane? Thirty minutes of storytelling will do both of you good. You’ll learn a lot about your kid by simply talking to them. Make them hot cocoa with those tiny marshmallows. Bring them out for some evening breeze. Then, just talk to them.

Let them tell you stories about their day. Listen even if you’re longing for the comfort of your bed. These days are numbered. A few years from now, they’ll have their own friends they want to share these stories with. You’ll be a parent, not someone who needs to hear about their crushes and insecurities. This is the foundation of your future relationship. Let your kid feel that you can be a friend, too, and that you’ll be glad they’ll treat you as one in the future.

It’s never easy to be a parent. Everyone’s exhausted from having to work a full-time job, prepare dinner, and do the homework with the kids. But you need to embrace these moments. They are precious, and you can never get them back.

Practice Meditation

You do things automatically, almost mechanically. Yes, you spend time with your kid, but you’re not focused. Your mind is elsewhere. You are not spending quality time with them this way. Focus on them. Wonder at the new words or things they are learning. Look at your kid and marvel at this tiny human you created. They are a living miracle. Once you learn to appreciate how they are like a sponge that absorbs everything, you’ll have more energy to deal with them.

parents and their kids spending time together

Create a Loving Environment

Harmony between the married couple will resonate in the home. Your children will benefit from the positive feelings of their parents. When they see that there are love and respect between their parents, they will grow up with confidence.

Play Their Games

Do they want to play that pie face game? How about Monopoly? Or Snakes and Ladders? Or some virtual reality games on their consoles? Play with them. You’ll learn a lot about their temperament and their problem-solving skills by spending time with them on a game. You’ll never have these moments back when they still want to play board games rather than catch a movie with their friends. This is also a good thing for the kid to see that their parents can be fun, too.

You have to find a way to make most of the time that you have with your kid. They are fleeting and temporary. This isn’t only about making sure that you know what they like. It’s about teaching them the value of family. They’ll grow up as a happier person with a good disposition in life. And maybe they’ll even be a better parent in the future.

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