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Unlike indoor living, an outdoor setting cannot survive inferior craftsmanship as it deteriorates quickly. As such, your choice of outdoor kitchen countertops should be guided by durability first, and aesthetics second, failure to which you will watch your investment go up in smoke. Understanding the specific properties of each material will help you decide between quartz countertops and other materials as discussed below.


There are plenty of stone variants to choose from, but are they all suitable for your countertop needs? Porous stones such as bluestone, limestone, and marble may appear attractive at the beginning, but they stain fast, leaving your countertops looking ugly with wine, grease, and food stains.

Granite, on the other hand, is a more durable option. It does not easily absorb odors and stains, does not fade in the sun, and stands up well again different weather elements. When installing, go for granite that has the least veins. While the veins problem can be fixed using fillers and epoxies, these chemicals negatively react to UV rays, making the surface fade faster.

Soapstone is the best stone option for a kitchen countertop. It is bacteria, heat, and stain-resistant. Unlike granite, it is non-porous, so it does not require any sealing. However, it has a color limitation as it is only available in gray and black. Luckily, a creative interior designer can work with the two options and bring the best out of your kitchen.


This is the most versatile of all materials. Depending on the kitchen style, you can go with a solid stone look, the highly ornate patterned style, or a go-between the two style variations. It is also readily available and equally affordable.

However, in cold weather, the freeze and thaw climatic changes cause too much pressure on the grout and tile, resulting in cracking. Additionally, grout is prone to stains even when sealed. Therefore, if you settle on tiles as your preferred material, use dark grout on freeze-resistant tiles. Get a professional installer as they will use suitable material for your situation and advice on care and maintenance.


If you want a good-looking, cost-effective, long-lasting, and the most practical solution to your home décor, quartz is your answer. Its wide range of unique colors makes it easy to add visual appeal to your space. It is highly versatile, making it usable for different applications. It is flexible, thus allowing for customization and makes it easy to coordinate your interior décor.

However, if you consider a quartz countertop for an outdoor space, ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. This is because the UV rays beat down the quartz surface leading to fading and eventual cracking of the surface.

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This countertop option has reclaimed its space in the trending line, thanks to its clean and contemporary appearance. If you are on the Scandinavian bandwagon, the sophistication, simplicity, and intentional use of texture presented by concrete will appeal to your style. Moreover, it is stain and heat-resistant.

However, if not handled properly, concrete is highly prone to cracking. As such, when installed, it is reinforced with tensile steel. It must be well sealed during installation and regularly after that. With an experienced installer, you will be lost for choice on custom color variations. The installer may also help install other features such as a draining board beside the sink for maximum convenience.

Solid Surface Countertops

This category is made purely from synthetic materials, and in most cases, acrylic. The most renowned solid surface variant is Corian. They are available in plenty of styles, colors, and designs. Moreover, Corian and other solid surface variants are affordable. They look better than laminate and have beautiful recreations of marble and granite.

Unlike quartz and granite, solid surface Corian is not resistant to scratches and heat, thus needs to be handled with care. It is mostly chosen for first homes, holiday homes, and other settings where you either do not have enough money for a high-quality material or the surface is not used too often.  Most consumers prefer to spend more money on material per square foot and installation charges to get high-quality and durable material.

To make the most out of your kitchen, you will require a good food preparation surface and a serving counter that is weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and durable. All this does not have to be at the expense of aesthetics. Choose something that complements your space and allows for comfortable living.

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