The need for oral health care

oral health

When it comes to dental pain or the unfortunate instance of injury, it is great to know that an emergency dentist can be relied upon. Many people tend to avoid the dentist until they really need one. Although this is not a preferable way to go about caring for one’s oral health, professionals choose to overlook such behaviour in the best interest of their patient.

Choosing a non-judgemental, compassionate and understanding oral health care professional for emergency treatment alleviates a lot of the embarrassment that a patient might be feeling should they need treatment due to them not receiving regular care.

Whether a patient is a regular at a dental practice or not, there will be no difference in the quality of care, with emergency treatments sometimes being able to completely restore the tooth or teeth back to health, or a temporary fix is put in place until they can book further appointments to complete a potentially lengthy procedure.

Most emergency treatments are able to be provided on the day of contact by a patient, and sometimes within the hour, depending on the severity of the situation, so by getting in touch with a dental practice as soon as possible, patients are able to be seen sooner and their pain and discomfort alleviated.

oral health

What could an emergency be?

Emergencies differ from person to person and again, it should be stressed that no two individuals are treated differently. Everyone will receive only the highest possible level of care, with the best materials used and options provided in order to offer a treatment solution that is best suited to that unique patient.

A dental emergency might result from a pain that is unable to be placated with over-the-counter medication such as panadol. For anyone who has had a toothache, they know that this is definitely something that needs to be taken care of immediately; the sooner that they are seen by a professional, the better.

Other emergencies include broken caps or crowns, which may not seem to be serious at all, but if not treated immediately, exposes the tooth to further damage. It should be understood that when a crown breaks off, the tooth is reduced to its previous state before treatment began and many people approach a dentist to rectify some potential pain they were experiencing as a result.

With frequent dental consultations, many emergencies can be avoided and individuals can enjoy a healthier smile that they can be confident with. Rather than constantly having in the back of one’s mind that fear of dental disaster one day, individuals can be proactive and simply consult a dentist for a routine examination, to empower themselves with the knowledge of how their oral health is and what they need to be aware of to remain as healthy as they can be.

Of course, there are some unavoidable emergencies that can result from sporting or another injury, but with swift action from both patients, caregivers and oral health care professionals, even avulsed teeth may be restored without the need for complex surgery or dental implants in the future.

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