Not Enjoying Your Food? Here Are Mistakes You’re Probably Making


Everybody’s a food lover to a certain degree. Each person has cravings and preferences that set them apart from some and strengthen their connection with others. Moreover, eating is normally a social event, shared with one or two people at work or home and giving you an opportunity to bond. This is what makes it crucial that you learn to enjoy your food. It’s more than just satiating your hunger and getting a taste of new delicacies. It’s all about being present and actually experiencing the flavors that burst on your tongue like fireworks.

However, if this is far from what your mealtimes are like, something has to be fixed. A poor appreciation for your food detracts from your socialization, health, and happiness since eating is a daily endeavor. In case you’re not sure where to start, here are four of the common mistakes people make that rob them of an excellent dining experience.

You Don’t Know What You Want

Yes, you’re aware that you like meat, certain vegetables, and just a handful of fruits. Milkshake? Definitely. A little spice? Sometimes. Does being able to point out these specifics mean you know what you want? Barely. The truth is, you can’t be the master of your own taste buds if you haven’t been paying attention to your food for a long time. You have to know what tickles your sweet spot and gives you the highest level of satisfaction. This is true if you’re dining out or cooking meals in your tiny but quaint kitchen.

The next time you’re cooking, reflect whether you like your fish fried or smoked, your vegetables grilled or sauteed. Which combinations make your mouth water, and what seasonings make you pause to savor the taste on your tongue? This sounds like hard work, but it’s really as simple as assessing your preferences for less than a minute. Being more specific about which foods you want and how you like them cooked increases your chances of having a satisfying meal in restaurants and your home. 

You’re More Focused on Chewing and Swallowing

Another reason you’re not so acquainted with your likes and dislikes is that you’re too focused on chewing and swallowing. Many people act like they’re racing everybody to the last piece of chicken and drop of salad dressing. The next time you visit the New York restaurant that makes your favorite wraps, be mindful about relishing each bite.

Let the food tumble in your mouth and take note of the texture, flavor, and aroma. Share your feedback with your friends so that you can compare notes on what you like and don’t like about it. Maybe removing the mayonnaise and adding more olives gives it the kick that you’re looking for. 

In fact, before you even slice up your food, why not take the time to appreciate its presentation? Grounding yourself in the present by taking note of tiny details like the meat’s tenderness and the dressing’s color puts you in the right mindset to appreciate your food.

You Settle for Anything


What if you pay close attention to your food and realize you hate it? Then don’t settle. If it’s tolerable, finish it and make a mental note not to order it again. If it’s not tolerable at all, go somewhere else that you’re sure will give you the satisfaction you crave.

This is why it’s always a good idea to order food for sharing with your family and friends whenever you try new restaurants and recipes. It makes skipping certain foods easier without wasting them. You also won’t be forced to settle if you think you made a grave misjudgment, and you know a good meal is what you need to prepare for your big presentation after lunch break.

You Wait Until You’re Too Hungry

Paying attention and savoring your food is not possible when you always wait until you’re too hungry before you eat. Your mind and body are focused on only one thing, and that is replenishing your fuel. Even a hamburger that’s too salty will taste good if you skip meals or eat late.

To prevent this, honor your mealtimes. Stick to certain hours, and your body will learn to send you mild hunger cues for when it’s ready to eat. You’ll be surprised at how this simple solution can make a difference in your dining experience.

Enjoying Food Matters

You deserve to enjoy your food. This is one activity that warrants improvement for the sake of your well-being because it has a direct impact on your health and happiness. The more you enjoy it, the better your daily life will be.

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