Maintaining Kitchen Appliances: Ways to Improve Efficiency and Extend Lifespan


There’s no doubt about it: bad habits are expensive while good habits save thousands of dollars. While home appliances have made our lives easier, most of us take them for granted that we end up paying more for repairs and replacements.

It’s hard to imagine living a day without using home appliances. The convenience and comfort they have provided have made difficult tasks easier with just one push of a button. While they have been reliable in day-to-day tasks, these machines will stop working or break down without proper maintenance and care.

Electricians and repairers are your go-to people if one of your appliances breaks down. They are equipped with the right tools to solve any type of electronic issue. Some of them use a weld cleaning machine to increase the corrosion resistance of home equipment and ensure maximum efficiency and superior cleaning results.

For those who need professional help in maintaining home appliances, we’ll be suggesting simple maintenance strategies for kitchen appliances to ensure they run smoothly without requiring repairs and major replacements. Take note of these suggestions to keep the house running smoothly.


The refrigerator is the most notorious energy consumer among home appliances. Ever since you bought one for yourself, it never stops working until it breaks down. A malfunctioning dryer or washer may cause convenience on your weekly wash routines, but a broken refrigerator leads to serious repercussions. Keeping the fridge in good shape is necessary to prevent spoiling of chilled food.

Maintaining the refrigerator’s gaskets should be first on your list. The gasket is a vinyl strip that acts as a seal between the door and cabinet to keep the motor running efficiently and prolong the lifespan. Damaged gaskets cause frost issues and excess moisture, preventing the fridge to cool properly. If you notice some loosening or tearing, replace the gasket immediately. Apply petroleum jelly or vinyl conditioner to form better sealing and extend the gasket’s life.

Ensuring proper airflow on the condenser is also crucial for the efficiency and performance of the refrigerator. Pet hair, dust, and other particles on condenser fans and coils restrict airflow, which results in overheating and breaking down of the compressor and other system components. To prevent this, use a soft brush or handheld vacuum to remove dust from the coils.

Oven range

kitchen appliances

Most homes may not require an oven range in their meals, but it still makes a great kitchen asset. The secret to keeping it functional lies in proper cleaning after every use. A damaged oven range is often caused by burnt food particles exposed to heat because of repeated use.

As soon as you’re done using the range, remove the spills and clean its remains to prevent the forming of caked-on food. Allowing them to accumulate will make the particles difficult to remove. For range or cooktop with trim rings or drip bowls, clean them regularly using a grease-dissolver cleaner. Use baking soda and vinegar or water to remove baked-on stains easily.

Also, check for signs of corrosion and arcing when removing drip bowls. If there’s a defective burner, replace the receptacle or terminal block. Don’t wait for the food to soil and damage the liner surface, clean the oven immediately since most food spills are acidic, which can harm the oven liner.


Dishwashers are labor-saving appliances, that when damaged, may lead to major inconveniences. Sometimes, what we consider normal usage can be damaging for the appliance. Proper loading and regular maintenance can go a long way to reduce the likelihood of performance issues.

Like the fridge, dishwashers have seals or door gaskets as well. Inspections are also necessary to check for defects and apply replacements if required. A leaking seal causes expensive damages in the long run, so clean it regularly to maintain a tighter seal.

Also, avoid overloading the dishwasher to prevent damaging the rucks. Dishware with sharp edges can rupture the vinyl coating, causing the metal wire to be exposed that can lead to rust. Although they are made to last, they are still prone to damage because of rough use. Vinyl repair products are available in the market to re-coat damaged areas and prevent rusting.

Take the time to inspect the detergent dispenser and make sure the door latches well and opens smoothly when in use. Also, keep the rinse aid dispenser filled and check if the cover is tightly fitted.

Observing correct use and good care is important for electronic appliances to enjoy a longer lifespan and smooth functioning. You can also save more electricity if the appliance is functioning well, leading to better efficiency and productivity. So if you notice your electricity bills are higher than before, then it’s time to check your home appliances.

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