Burnout Prevention: Lifestyle Changes to Make Right Now

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In recent years, the hustle culture and “rise and grind” culture took the limelight. It became normal for people to work at least two jobs and turn their hobbies into small businesses. Many treated overworking and having no day off as a badge of honor.

It’s not bad to work hard to become financially stable. But working without any rest isn’t something to be proud of either. In fact, it’s harmful and should not be promoted.

When you bombard yourself with work and leave no room for rest, you’ll inevitably feel burned out. As of May 2019, burnout became an official medical diagnosis, referring to chronic workplace stress.

Burnout can lead to different mental and physical health problems. Thus, prevention is key. You can keep yourself from feeling burned out from work by implementing a few changes in your lifestyle:

Learn to Say No

Sometimes, your workload can be too overwhelming that you have to put in extra hours to finish everything. But alas, a coworker asks you to help them with something, which means you have another task on your plate. It’s not always easy to say no when someone asks for help. Some people might see you as rude or selfish for being unwilling to help others. But you also need to consider your limitations.

Maybe you can help someone when you have extra time in your hands. But if you’re already swamped by your own workload, don’t be afraid to say no. Explain to the person asking a favor why you can’t help them this time to avoid any misunderstanding.

Become Physically Active

Regular exercise is not the concrete solution to beating burnout, but it can help. In a 2015 study, after four weeks of exercise, the participants reported lower levels of psychological distress, stress, and emotional exhaustion.

Exercise is also a great way to take your mind off the things that overwhelm you. During your workout, you only focus on your movements and your breathing.

If you’re coming from a sedentary lifestyle, you can start by doing small exercise breaks. You can devote at least 15 minutes of your day before or in the middle of your workday.

Seek Professional Help

Even in modern society, there is still a stigma against seeking medical help and therapy. And this often hinders people from getting treatment even though they desperately need it.

If you’re experiencing burnout, don’t be afraid to get medical help as soon as possible. You can get IV therapy to give your body vitamins and nutrients that can lower your stress levels and help you relax. You can also talk to a therapist. They might recommend that you undergo cognitive behavioral therapy to help you better understand your situation and improve how you perceive and take care of your mental health.

Don’t Skip Your Rest Day

If you work nonstop, the end result will always be burnout. Your mind and body can only take so much. The hustle culture might be difficult to leave once you’ve grown accustomed to it. You might feel guilty and unproductive whenever you take a break.

But the nonstop grind is unhealthy. Apart from burnout, you won’t get adequate sleep due to stress. Working too much also slowly kills you. In a study by the University College London, researchers found a link between overworking and coronary heart disease.

Rest days exist for a reason. Even just one full day of rest can help you unwind and prevent burnout. Dedicate at least one entire day each week to doing nothing work-related. Just relax, eat healthily, and maybe catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Pick up a Hobby

You’re likely to experience burnout if you’re stuck in an endless cycle of work and sleep. Thus, consider picking up a hobby.

If you’re worried about money, seek a hobby that doesn’t require you to spend anything. For example, you can start with reading. Just pick up any book you already have at home, even if you’ve already read it. You can also try mobile photography and drawing if you’re interested in the visual arts.

Your hobby will allow you to break free from work by taking your mind off it. Your hobby will also help you boost your mood and improve your self-esteem.

Burnout is a serious condition that can eventually lead to other health problems. Thus, you should consider changing some things in your lifestyle so that you have other things to do and enjoy, instead of working long hours all the time.

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