Landscaping Ideas and Trends to Spruce Up Your Yard

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The pandemic has given homeowners so many reasons to spruce up their homes. One, in a time when lockdowns and quarantines became the new normal, our homes need to be a place we genuinely love and feel comfortable in. Two, many homeowners found themselves having more time to invest in DIY projects that can add value to their property. Finally, working from home and being cooped up taught us the value of our outdoor living spaces and why they need to be an oasis from an increasingly stressful world.

If you think your yard is looking and feeling a bit lackluster, now is the best time to do some sprucing up, even if the world is opening up again. There is nothing like having your own little piece of heaven in your yard to make you feel like you have an escape, especially since the number of cases continues to ebb and flow, and a future in which we will be cooped up in our homes again is still in the cards.

Here are some landscaping trends and ideas you can explore to give it a little sprucing up.

Ensure privacy

If you are going to be investing in some high-quality furniture pieces for your backyard, then make sure that it is protected from criminals who might want to capitalize on the weakness of your fences or even from wild animals. Consider having your home’s garage door repaired or replaced, especially if it has not been serviced for years, if not decades.

Put up some sturdy and secure fences, and incorporate some privacy panels around your outdoor living space. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, it’s always better safe than sorry.

Inspect the state of your yard’s landscaping

Before you can make some improvements, you first need to check what needs to identify the current problem areas in the yard. Some examples include dead grass, overgrown and untamed bushes, big empty spots where you and your family can plant a lovely tree, and others. Create a list of concerns, problems, and even opportunities where you can improve and enhance the landscaping, and create a blueprint or think of a concept you want for your yard.

Map out the plants you want and where you want them

Here’s one thing you need to know about landscaping and gardening: Every decision you make needs to be purposeful. You can’t just plant certain species wherever you want and call it a day. You need to understand your property’s natural terrain, soil, and the kinds of plants that bloom and thrive best in it. As a homeowner, you need to understand your area’s local climate and which plant species are best suited to it.

Consider visiting a gardening center to learn more, and make sure you talk to a passionate gardener or horticulturist when you visit. Avoid the urge to visit a big box store—while they may have a wide array of plants, they won’t always be well-suited in your area, and they may not have staff members that are knowledgeable and passionate about how to keep plants alive.

Play with color

One of the best and simplest strategies you can employ to bring your yard to life is to play with more color. Incorporate color through various creative ways—you don’t need to rely on flowers and plants to introduce a more vibrant palette. Depending on where you live, bushes and trees might take on different hues and shades according to the season, and there are indoor or shade plants you can use for your outdoor living area to display an impressive lineup of colors in your home.

When choosing a color palette for your furniture pieces, rugs, and other design elements, make sure to opt for shades that go well with green, especially if there are plenty of plants and grass in the area.

Make a chart of your yard’s conditions

When doing some gardening and landscaping, you also need to take into account the placement of your yard and just how much sun or shade every square footage gets. This part of the process is crucial if you want your plants not just to stay alive but also to thrive. If plants are not placed in the right area, they won’t need the right amount of sunlight they need to bloom properly.

Sprucing up your yard might take a lot of work, but it can help boost your health and decrease the levels of your stress. Bring your yard to life through landscaping to give you and your family an oasis as we wait out the pandemic.

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