Making Your Backyard Kid-friendly: What to Do During Summer

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Summer is coming. And kids will be having more free time during the summer vacation. This is a great time to allow them to explore their surroundings and be more active. Getting some sun will be good for their health.

To make outdoor activities more accessible to your kids, you can consider making your backyard more kid-friendly. This way, they don’t have to leave your property for outdoor play and keep them safe.


Before you do anything, check your backyard and prepare it for its transformation. Decide which areas you want to set up play areas on and which areas kids should avoid for their safety. If you’ll let your kids play in a spot in the backyard right next to the house, check its surroundings. You might need a rain gutter repair so that your kids’ toys and playground don’t get ruined by water leaks. Also, check the play areas for sharp objects or obstructions that need to be removed.

Once you’ve cleared the space, you can begin the transformation. Below are some ideas to make your backyard more conducive for your kids’ outdoor fun.

Make a Sandbox

For many kids, summer is almost synonymous with sand. This sand usually refers to the one on beaches. Unfortunately, going to the beach is not yet as safe as one might think. While the beach is a big location where people can observe social distancing, things can become risky when it is crowded.

Take the sand experience home instead. You can create your own sandbox if you can. You need a few pieces of wooden boards to nail together to create a small box and fill it with sand. The sandbox can be large enough that your kids can enter and play inside it.

But if you don’t want to build a sandbox, you can just use a plastic storage container. They’re readily available in grocery stores. Fill the container with sand and add other things, such as a mini shovel and pail. What’s great about this portable option is that you can easily cover the sandbox and tuck it away after play.

Hang a Chalkboard

Aside from a sandbox, you can also set up a chalkboard outdoors. This is where your kids can draw and write whatever they want. Drawing is an important activity that needs to be promoted more. It’s a way for them to express themselves and analyze their surroundings, especially during their formative years.

With the chalkboard in your backyard, your kids won’t draw on your driveway anymore. And the backyard is also a much safer venue for your kids to express their creativity. You can put the chalkboard on a blank wall on the exterior of your house. Or you can hang the board on your backyard fence.

Set up a Hammock


When kids get tired from playing in the backyard, they’ll want to have an area where they can relax. So it may be helpful to hang a hammock in one of the trees in your backyard. Sleeping in a hammock comes with health benefits, such as deeper sleep and pressure point relief.

Consider using either a cotton or a polyester one. A cotton hammock will feel soft and snuggly. A polyester hammock is also comfortable and is often more durable than other materials used to make hammocks.

Set up a Tent

Kids would love to go camping in the backyard. You can set up a tent in your backyard using blankets. You can put them on a clothesline and then secure the corners of the blanket with strings and pegs. You can also put a blanket or a sheet of foam inside the tent so that your kids can stay inside and stay comfortable.

To add extra character to the mini camping site, you can also hang fairy lights around the tent.

Prepare for an Outdoor Movie Night

You can rent a projector for one night and set up an outdoor movie space. Lay down blankets on the grass and add some throw pillows for added comfort. Cook some popcorn as well and have a cooler right outside for refreshments. Also, let your kids pick the film they want to watch.

While this is a temporary setup, your kids will definitely enjoy and appreciate it. An outdoor movie will also be a great way for the whole family to bond.

Making your backyard kid-friendly will take some work. You can include your kids in setting up as well. This involvement will make them appreciate the new setup in your backyard even more.

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