Improve Your Property Value With These Outdoor Updates at Home

First impressions make a lasting impression. This statement applies to almost everything in life but is even more important for homes. People will often judge how well-kept the rest of the home is by what they initially lay their eyes on. That’s why improving your exterior should be the first step in elevating your property value. If you plan to sell your home, below are some updates you can make on your exterior space to improve your property.

1. Fix your Doors

To improve your property value, you must ensure your home has a solid base foundation that can withstand strong storms and harsh weather conditions. If potential buyers are scouting your property, they want to know they won’t have to do repairs after every rainstorm. Depending on your location, you can take different precautions to protect your home from damage caused by natural calamities before they occur.

If your home doesn’t already have windproof or fireproof materials, there are other simple additional steps you can take to make it safer. When experiencing a storm, if your doors are weak, they may fly off, or debris carried by the wind may break them. Consider installing stormproof screen doors to reinforce your home and increase your property value.

Research storm proof screen manufacturers near you and look at the customer reviews on their services before choosing any. A storm door will also offer you additional security when talking to strangers. This is a factor that families with small children may like in a potential home. As you work on the doors, don’t forget about your windows.

2. Roofing Company

You may find that in your state, the law requires you to disclose any damage to your roof to potential buyers. With this in mind, installing a good roof is one of the best ways to increase property value. Most buyers will instantly be excited by the mention of a new roof. They know this will save them from spending more on a reroofing project. According to research by the National Association of Remodeling Industry, remodeling your home will give you 60% in return.

Look up a metal roofing company in your location if you’re considering re-roofing. Roofers highly recommend metal roofs because they are long-lasting and lightweight, making installing them easy and fast. Even though reroofing your home will increase your property value, this is a decision you have to make on your own.

Whether to do a complete reroof will be determined by different factors. If you have highly maintained your roof in the past, it may be in good enough condition not to warrant a reroofing service. It’s true that Roof installation is costly, so talk to your real estate agent first to know whether that particular improvement would be necessary depending on the current market. What is valuable in the market sometimes shifts with trends and the location.

3. Reroofing Companies

Most realtors will easily find out the value of your home by looking at your roof conditions. Being the person who’s lived the longest in your home, neither you nor your family will easily notice most minor cracks in your home because of familiarity. Someone looking to buy, however, will be highly critical and quick to notice any faults.

Whether you plan to sell or not, improving your home’s overall value is worthwhile. Continuous up-to-date improvement of your home will make it retain its good condition and improve your property value overall. Since reroofing services are costly but may be crucial when selling, ensure you’re on top of any necessary repairs for your current roof. Routinely running maintenance on your roof will help you avoid having to pay for any major repairs in the long run.

Look for local roofers in your area who come highly recommended because you want to get your money’s worth. Have them on a retainer for regular maintenance of your roof. This way, when the time comes to sell your house, you won’t have to do any major renovations because it’s already in great shape.

Roofing is the most important renovation to improve your property value because it directly reflects the structural integrity of your home. Bad roofing conditions might indicate more serious problems within the home. Your house won’t be marketable if it has mold, mildew, water damage, stained walls, or leaks; even if it doesn’t, people will think it does.

Since home styles evolve, upgrading your roof to stay current before listing your house would also be a good idea. This way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Repair your roof and improve your home’s curb appeal with a trendy roof installation.

Your buyers want a newer design on the new home, so such an improvement will highly improve your property value. You can generate a healthy profit based on the new technology you incorporate or the color, roofing type, and style you choose. Although it could be expensive, installing solar panels on the roof is a major selling point.

4. Proper Tree Care

Trees are the most conspicuous thing on your curb, so you must ensure they’re in the best condition. Trees contribute a lot to the aesthetic of your landscape, and if they’re well taken care of, they’ll improve your property value. Tree trimming enhances the way the landscape looks. Overgrown branches can make a property look messy and unkempt.

Tree trimming will give your trees a better shape and overall look, making them a more desirable landscape element. It’ll also ensure less debris falls off and accumulates in your front or backyard, especially in the windy seasons. Search for tree companies near you and only hire the best. You want someone who will work with you to ensure your trees look lavish and, more importantly, healthy. Ensure they know what they’re doing to prevent your trees from suffering damage at the hands of someone inexperienced.

There are times when tree trimming may not be sufficient. For example, tree roots may sometimes expand and grow further if not cared for, fracturing driveways and sidewalks due to frequent lifting. This may damage your property’s concrete structures, making for unsightly pavements in your front yard.

Besides that, when house hunting, security, and safety are a top priority for many people. Heavy-leaning trees that are likely to fall off in case of heavy storms do not inspire confidence in potential home buyers. If you have such trees, consider hiring a tree removal company. These professionals will help improve your property value by making it much safer.

6. Replace Windows and Doors

Replacing your door and windows will not only improve the functionality of your home greatly but will also improve your property value. Your doors and windows are part of your exterior and, thus, will significantly impact how inviting your curb appeal is. When showing your home, it would get awkward if the doors don’t budge when you try to open them. You also want to avoid creaking on your doors and broken windows because these will discourage buyers and lower your property value, the opposite of what you want.

Shop for bulk windows and doors for your home in preparation for a sale to improve your property. It’s wise to do the replacement simultaneously to save time and money by procuring discounts on services and purchases. If you haven’t lived long in your current home or have always done your home repairs religiously, you can put the house on the market without these replacements. However, if the door has rust, big scratches, dents, or flaking paint, it’s time to call a professional door service for a further inspection. They’ll check for broken doors, faulty window handles, cracked panes, and deteriorated frames.

Even if you have been taking good care of your windows and doors, you may need a replacement. Even if they’re still in good condition, depending on your location and how harsh the weather is, you may still need to make some improvements. Prolonged exposure may have caused your doors or windows to distort, crack, or become difficult to close.

7. Landscaping Upgrades

A great curb appeal will improve your property value by enticing potential buyers from the outside. To enhance it, you must invest in proper landscaping to give your exterior a touch of beauty and a sense of style. The primary objective of external landscaping is to add aesthetic appeal to the property without creating a cluttered appearance. A thoughtful landscaping plan will improve your home’s appeal from all sides. It undoubtedly improves curb appeal, which is crucial given that people base their first opinions of a house on what they observe from the curb.

You will need a landscape design service to deliver your dream outdoor look or suggest a trendy one to improve your property value. Research online for a seasoned landscaper. Alternatively, you can get good recommendations from friends and family.

Your walkaway often forms your buyer’s first impression as it’s often their initial interaction with your property, so you must spruce it up. Create a picture-perfect entrance by planting flowers on the sides or having decorative fountains. Ensure the pathway is well paved and clean.

Your lawn has to be well-maintained. A lush green lawn does not happen overnight. So start early to incorporate daily and weekly care for your dream lawn.

Ensure you regularly mow the grass. Use a sprinkler to water your lawn, but don’t overdo it. Stay on top of weed control so your lawn can be healthy.

Some outdoor lighting and a deck that overlooks nature will also add to your curb aesthetics. You should avoid incorporating some curb changes, though. Some buyers may consider things like pods or swimming pools hazardous or despise that they require too much care and attention.

Do your due diligence when hiring a landscaper. It would help if you also researched relevant landscaping trends that will elevate your home’s value per the market. While external upgrades greatly help, some are costly, so keep it simple. With curb appeal, less is more.

8. Garage Repair

Surprising as this may sound, the state of your garage can also improve your property value. While it may be easy to overlook garage updates, buyers aren’t trying to buy a home requiring them to immediately do further fixes like garage door spring repair. Ensure that your garage door can open and close easily because a faulty garage door defeats the purpose of well-insulated garage walls. Investing in a new garage door is the best move you can make if you truly want to enhance your garage and raise the value of your home.

Remember, keeping up with trends and integrating the latest technology will boost your home value. Thus, automatic garage doors are a great option. However, this isn’t crucial as long as you replace the broken one. It wouldn’t hurt, though, if the new garage door complemented the design of your house.

9. Cleaning

Cleaning your exterior space goes a long way in improving your curb appeal and making great first impressions, which increase your property value. Clean your lawn, paint your fences and the trellis. Clean your patio furniture and paint or replace the wooden ones.

If you aren’t replacing your roof, clean it to remove the accumulated moss. The siding is subject to mildew and mold stains. Therefore, clean it too. If it has any faults, do the necessary repairs. Wash your windows and doors as they contribute to your home’s exterior look.

Ensure you have cleaned your pathways, the walkways, your front and backyard, or any other porches. Clean the gutter system of the accumulated debris, too. You can hire your roofer for this. It would also help to paint the entire exterior of your property to increase your property value.

You can DIY some of these improvements to save on cost where possible but hire professionals for any major projects you aren’t knowledgeable about. The tips mentioned above will increase your property value, but remember that the value lies in the eyes of the beholder. So, consult with your real estate agent on the ROI of each repair before undertaking it. Besides that, once you finish making improvements to your home, it will give you a similar feeling to the one you got when you first moved in.

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