What are the ill effects of gum disease?

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Most people are not aware of just how serious a threat gum disease is to not only the mouth but to the body as well; or why they should make every effort to visit a dentist in Tunbridge Wells every six months for routine dental checks.

Gum disease is an oral health threat that affects as much as half of the adult population in the UK, making it one of the most prevalent major public health concerns. The disease is the cause of many poor oral health complaints like halitosis, tooth loss, impaired masticatory function and its resultant negative effect on the immune system due to nutritional deficiencies.

This dental disease holds a notorious reputation for being difficult to treat in its advanced stages. Treatment plans are typically of long duration and are often found to be costly. While there is much to be concerned about having gum disease, there are many patients who can avoid gum disease altogether.

The risk of gum disease becomes a real threat when oral hygiene is neglected or maintained ineffectively. The end goal of oral hygiene obligations is to keep teeth and gums clean and control the levels of bad bacteria in the mouth. When bad oral bacteria spiral out of control, and poor oral health issues like plaque are not treated with professional dental care, gum disease soon follows suit.

What are the health risks associated with gum disease?

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Researchers have long been studying oral pathogens and their effect on overall health. Studies have linked bad oral bacteria that originate in the mouth with numerous illnesses affecting physical and mental health.

It may be hard for someone to believe that bad oral bacteria can affect organs far deep in the body such as the heart and lungs, but consider for a moment the mouth as an entry point through which germs and bacteria ingested through eating make their way into the body.

Bad bacteria can erode the gum line causing deep pockets and opening up gaps to reach vulnerable tooth roots. Through the infections they cause here, they can access the bloodstream via which they can travel to life-sustaining systems like the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

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Gum disease, especially when it has developed into periodontitis, raises the risk of many other serious health conditions; most notably cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Periodontal bacteria can invade specific areas of the heart resulting in endocarditis. They can clog veins and arteries triggering strokes and heart attacks. In addition to this, the threat of pneumonia is increased as bad bacteria from the mouth can be pulled into the lungs.

There is an urgency for women who are pregnant and have gum disease to ensure they receive treatment for their oral condition. Gum disease can complicate pregnancies, too, by influencing premature births and low birth weights.

A body of scientific evidence shows how important regular preventive dental care plays a role in preventing the onset of gum disease, thereby, lessening the risks of heart disease, inflammatory conditions and pregnancy complications.

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