Healthy Recipes that Fuel Your Weight-loss Journey

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Workout and diet go hand in hand when it comes to losing weight. One is incomplete without the other. To burn fat, you need to stay in a calorie deficit for as long as you can. This means that you should burn more calories than you consume.

For this, you need to get enough workouts too. Get in touch with trainers with cert 3 and 4 fitness since they can help you get in shape. Till then, track your calories and eat clean and healthy meals. Let’s understand how you can do both.

Tracking Calories

Calories are often perceived as things that make you fat, while it’s just the energy that food provides. Here’s how many calories adults need normally:

An adult male — 2000-3000

An adult female — 1600-2400

But this depends on many factors like:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Size
  • Heath and medications

Tracking calories is not good because people believe it to be unhealthy. It’s unhealthy only if you make it. People start counting calories and cutting them down significantly. They skip on important food items. Tracking calories is not unhealthy; doing it in an unhealthy way is what sinks the boat.

Fat cutting recipes

There is a truckload of diets in the market, making it easy to get confused. Every diet works if you’re being consistent. Here’s one that’s easy and is backed by scientific studies:

Researches have shown that protein plays a major role in maintaining muscle while you’re in a calorie deficit.

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For breakfast:

French Toast

If you crave something sweet in the breakfast but don’t want it to show on your belly, this is for you.

  • Beat 3 eggs and add cinnamon for flavor.
  • Dip one brown bread on both sides
  • Put it on a hot pan
  • After it’s properly cooked, add sugar-free syrup for sweetness
  • Top it off with savory fruits like strawberries and blueberry


It’s time to assemble the perfect breakfast dish that is lows in calories and high in protein. This brilliant dish is perfect if you plan your meals as it can be stored in the refrigerators for up to 3 days. Let’s build a parfait.

  • Pour 2 full tablespoons of yogurt
  • Add fresh or frozen fruits, preferably berries, as they go perfectly with the mixture. But you can use any fruit of your choice.
  • Repeat these steps and finish with a generous sprinkle of granola.

Egg and Avocado Toast

As the name suggests, it’s a toast topped with fresh avocados and eggs. No surprises here.

  • Toast one slice of break
  • Mash half avocado and spread it on the toast
  • Boil and peel eggs, then place its pieces on the toast
  • Add salt and pepper to your liking

For lunch

Having a healthy lunch can be difficult when busy at work or college. It’s much easier to get a bite from a café, canteen. This is an ideal time to go to Macdonald’s or Dominos to eat junk. Some people skip lunch and then feed on street food in the evening.

Lunch has to fill. It should contain all the necessary ingredients to get you going through the day so that you don’t indulge in mindless snacking. Here are a few ideas that fulfill these expectations.

Lentil Soup

  • Heat olive oil in a pan.
  • Add onions and carrot, and look until the onion is translucent
  • Add species of your choice like cumin, curry leaves, or cardamom.
  • Follow up with diced tomatoes and cook them until they’re soft
  • Pour in the lentils. Add salt and black pepper. You can add some chilly flakes if you want to make it spicy
  • Add chopped greens. Cook for a while and serve hot

Veggies and chickpea sandwich

  • Boil chickpeas and keep them aside
  • Toast two brown bread
  • Take vegetables of your choice like spinach, tomatoes, and onions
  • Assemble them into a sandwich

(You can add spreading of your choice to enhance flavors.)

For Dinner

Dinner while dieting should be light. During the day, your body needs the energy to work, but you don’t need much at night. Here are some dinner recipes:

Keto Broccoli Cheese Soup

  • Take a deep pot and heat some butter.
  • Add onions and garlic and fry until golden brown
  • Add chicken broth. Follow up with heavy cream and broccoli.
  • Add salt and pepper to your taste
  • Add cheddar cheese and keep stirring until everything’s combined

Loaded Cauliflower

  • Set the oven for preheating at 425 degrees. Add cauliflower and olive oil and bake for 25 minutes
  • Saute onions on heated butter
  • Follow up with cream cheese and keep stirring at medium heat
  • Mix cauliflower into mixture
  • Serve hot

Combine these recipes with a workout plan, and the results will be certain. Sticking to your diet and working out in moderation. There are several recipes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people that maintain a certain number of calories and help you lose weight. Consistently maintaining a healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. When you eat good food, it shows on your body and skin.

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