Health From Head to Toe: Using Shapes as a Guide to Good Health

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Achieving excellent health is easier than one might think. With a combination of exercise and a nutritious diet, boosting your immunity is a breeze. However, finding the right food to eat can be a challenge, especially if you’re too busy to look up what vitamins and minerals some fruits and vegetables are rich in. What you need is a simple hack that you can rely on during your grocery runs.

For example, if you’re on the hunt for skin-healthy food, choosing fruits in vibrant colors is one detail you can depend on, or you can also read the packaging since nutritional benefits often come printed on them. But, there’s another trick you can use if you want to achieve full-body health: picking produce that has an uncanny resemblance to your organs. To achieve health from head to toe, here are a few edibles that deserve a space in your pantry.

Red Wine for the Blood

Spirits have always come with a negative connotation, saying that it leads to health problems, but that’s isn’t true at all with wine. Red wine is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which may guard your heart against a host of issues and reduce the damage to free radicals.

Walnuts for the Brain

Walnuts feature a wrinkly surface that’s reminiscent of the brain, cluing you into the benefits you can receive by including it in your diet. Walnuts abound with Omega-3 fatty acids, making them not only good for snacking but may also help keep your mind sharp as you age.

Carrots for the Pupil and Iris

When you slice carrots into circular shapes, you can see a smaller round outline that looks just like the pupil and iris. Representative of its looks, carrots teem with beta-carotene, giving your body ample supply to create vitamin A that is good for eye health. However, if you need medical help, it’s best to visit a leading optometrist and get your eyes professionally checked. Carrots also teem with vitamin K and calcium that can help strengthen your bones.

Mushrooms for Superior Hearing

Like your bones, your ears also need calcium to help you hear better. In the food realm, some mushrooms have an uncanny resemblance to human ears and coincidentally contain high amounts of vitamin D that your body needs to produce calcium.

Grapes for Your Lungs

If possible, it’s best to treat medical conditions with natural sources. Most think that the best way to combat pains and aches is to pop in an anti-inflammatory drug and ease discomfort instantly. But, eating grapes might be more helpful when it comes to inflammation in your nasal passages. Grapes come with resveratrol that helps prevent the compounds responsible for inflammation.

Plump Tomato for Heart Health

A ripe tomato is as red as the heart, and tomato-based products often market these fruits as something excellent for heart health. Tomatoes brim with antioxidants, vitamin E, and lycopene—ingredients not only good for your heart but also your skin.

Ginger for Your Stomach

Gingers don’t have a permanent mold, and they can grow in various shapes, but there are undoubtedly tons that resemble the primary digestive organ. This root has an ample supply of gingerols and shogaols, offering tremendous relief from stomach pain and migraines.

Beans for Your Kidneys

Kidney beans got the name for a reason. You can say that kidneys act as a filter that removes waste from your body and helps maintain healthy water levels and other minerals in your system. Like your powerful kidneys, kidney beans feature antioxidants, fiber, and protein that may help you achieve optimum gut health.

Celery to Strengthen Bones

As with your bones, celery also comes with long stalks and contains enough calcium, silicon, and vitamin K, all helping promote bone health and assist in the quick healing of damaged bones. With a vegetable packed with bone-healthy minerals, you can help keep yourself safe from osteoporosis and other diseases.

Bananas to Boost Your Mood


A healthy mentality is an already durable shield to deter various illnesses, and happiness is vital to a robust mind. When you’re happy, you don’t have time to think about ailments and have enough energy and motivation to keep yourself active. Still, sometimes, lifting your mood can be the most challenging task. However, with a bit of push using nutritious food, you can be blissful right away.

A banana showcases a slightly curved body that can make you think of a beautiful smile, but it’s what’s on the inside that will make you beam. Bananas have tryptophan that, when ingested, turns into serotonin, a mood stabilizer that offers a reliable pick-me-up during your down days.

You truly are what you eat. When you pick fruits and vegetables for their nutritional value, you can give your organs the care they deserve, boost your immunity, and enjoy delicious meals.

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