The Lifestyle of the Blessed: Handling Opportunities Coming Your Way

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Not everyone has both the luxury of time and the opportunity to browse the internet so casually in the afternoon. The hustle lifestyle has been passed on from generation to generation because of the never-ending climb out of the hole that is poverty. Many people juggle too many jobs or tasks they are overqualified to take on. Not everyone is blessed enough to not think about where the next meal is coming from nor think about how much they can stretch the limits of being a delinquent rent account.

The blessed lifestyle is often taken for granted because most of them live in such luxury and convenience that they do not make the most of what they have. These people miss the opportunities coming their way because they are too busy just living in the moment.

If you ever come across an opportunity that only the blessed can experience, never let it go. The lifestyle of the blessed doesn’t even suit most blessed people. According to a CNN article in 2014, it was found that the members of the third generation of rich families squander the family riches — giving birth to the rule “The Grandchildren Rule.” You have to grab the opportunity by its throat and never let it go.

Some people are so distracted by the luxury of their daily lives that they forget to see the bigger picture. They fail to see the utility of being lucky and blessed with opportunities not all get to experience. Some fail to see the purpose of their gifts. They often squander what they have to futile efforts that do not have any inane meaning.

How should you handle the opportunities coming your way? How does one handle being truly blessed with multiple opportunities?

With Organization

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One must first be able to neatly organize his or her affairs whenever the opportunity arrives. Opportunities can come in different forms, shapes, or sizes. For example, a job offer may come easier than expected because of your educational background. A custom closet franchise opportunity might come your way if you come from a background in carpentry or have the resources to back up investing in a business. Set your mind and affairs right by organizing your finances, private affairs, and goals.

Organization, as a skill, is highly underrated in a land full of successful people. People tend to overlook how successful businessmen like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs rely on their organizational skills to get things done. Granted that most of them are ruthless and aggressive when it comes to their business. However, the point still stands. Without organization, the opportunity wouldn’t come to fruition.

With Analysis

Great men analyze their situation carefully and strategically. Handling opportunities coming your way doesn’t mean always saying yes to the first thing that arrives at your doorstep. You have a lot to think about when handling multiple opportunities. The best opportunity may not be the first one that you get.

For example, because of your high university ranking, you might get immediately invited by the first computer software engineering firm that mails their offer. However, if you wait a little while longer, you might push through with your goal dream job at Google. Some, because of urgency, take the first opportunity they can get their hands on.

By being patient and analyzing the bigger picture, you might be able to get the most out of all the opportunities presented. There are a lot of things you must first take into account before saying yes to an opportunity. Workload and culture might be the first things you may want to consider. Financial gain might be second. It may also be the other way around. Truly knowing what you want and applying your experiences to your decision-making will net you great results.

With Finesse and Grace

People who come by riches not duly earned tend to squander their wealth so quickly. Finesse and grace are key to handling opportunities that rarely come your way. In getting unexpected amounts of money, always remember to spend like you are poor. Do not live beyond your means. Do not be boastful of crossing a social boundary. Significantly rich and successful people tend to downplay their true wealth and do not mind living simply.

While money matters, money isn’t everything. Wealth will not make better than most. While wealth may elevate your situation for the better, true wealth is all about knowing what to do with the wealth you are blessed with. By handling it with finesse and grace, you are already doing better than the 90% of the prodigal sons of the world.

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