A Guide for Long-distance Traveling and Living on Wheels

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There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to traveling long-term, and most people have no idea what they’re getting into. You must know all the ins and outs before you start your journey so that you can prepare accordingly, whether you’re just going down the street or across continents.

The sky is the limit! But that doesn’t mean you should hop in your car and go wherever the wind blows you. Before you get on the road, here are some tips that will help get you off to a great start:

1. Make lifelong and once-in-a-lifetime memories

Don’t waste your youth staying in one place — buy a box trailer, pack your bags, and spend every night in a new place. Make memories with the people you meet along the way and live life like there’s no tomorrow. Life is too short to stay in the same place and wait for “the perfect time” to be spontaneous. Take action now!

2. Don’t be afraid to make quick decisions

Whether it’s where to buy your next meal or where you should go next, don’t waste too much time making big decisions that could otherwise be made quickly. Google Maps has everything you need at your fingertips, and they never steer you wrong.

3. Pack plenty of snacks and other essentials

It’s the little things that keep you going. Pack an assortment of different snacks and other essentials just in case you can’t find everything you’re looking for at the next truck stop or grocery store. It may seem like a waste of space, but it could save your life.

4. Prepare for rainstorms and record-breaking temperatures

Prepare for the weather extremes you could face at any given moment. A strong rainstorm can make it difficult to see, and record-breaking temperatures can be dangerous if you don’t have a home or power source to keep cool. Always be prepared for whatever may come your way.

5. Check your surroundings every time you stop moving

It may seem like a good idea to sit back and relax while you’re driving, but many dangers can arise when you least expect them. Always check your surroundings before stopping or parking your vehicle. It only takes a second for someone to pull up next to you with ill intentions.

6. Be aware of your speed at all times

Driving in the curve

It’s easy to get carried away and speed, especially if you’re excited to reach your destination. However, you must be aware of your speed at all times. If you’re speeding, there’s a possibility that an officer may pick up on it and pull you over without warning. It is also extremely dangerous for other drivers on the road who expect your speed to be slower than it is.

7. Don’t stay in one place for too long

Don’t get comfortable and let your guard down just because you’re familiar with the area you’re traveling to next. If you stay in one place for too long, there’s a possibility that someone might find out where you are, and you could end up in a sticky situation.

8. Pack only what you need for the trip

It’s easy to fall into the trap of over-packing. You think you’re responsible by packing everything you can just in case, but it will only weigh you down. Pack what you need for the trip and consider leaving anything extra behind that isn’t essential to your daily routine or safety.

9. Have someone back home keep an eye on your travels

It’s always nice to have someone back home watching out for you. That way, if something happens while you’re away, someone will know exactly where to find you. Think of the person back home as a sending-off point or haven if something goes wrong.

10. Don’t get too comfortable

Don’t get too comfortable with the fact that you’re on the road. You should always be on your guard and aware of your surroundings, even if you’ve been in one spot for weeks or months at a time. Never forget what it was like before you were traveling around — keep that same sense of awareness no matter where you go.

Living on the road is a great way to meet new people, see different parts of the world, and make lifelong memories. If you want to avoid getting into any sticky situations along the way, remember these 10 tips when you’re planning your next trip.

No one is stopping you from living out your dreams of traveling the world. If you’re brave enough to hit the road, do it! But don’t sacrifice your safety for the sake of adventure. Being on the road is an amazing experience, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world, so always prioritize your safety when traveling.

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