Five Home Upgrades That Support a Healthy Lifestyle


According to experts, our home environment plays a huge role in our overall well-being, influencing our mood, motivation, and behavior. More so, studies reveal that the stuff we bring inside our home can discourage or facilitate interactions, or reduce or create stress. That means it’s essential that you are mindful and intentional in how you maintain your home.

If you want to start living a healthier lifestyle, practicing self-care habits is just one part. You also need a healthy living space to support it. Get started with our tips on how you can create a health-conscious home.

1. Invest in a kitchen remodel

According to surveys, numerous homeowners invest in remodeling their kitchens for the sole purpose of living a healthier lifestyle. This makes perfect sense as the kitchen is where we cook our meals and contains pretty much every food we consume every day.

However, since it’s also one of the areas in our home that we spend most of our time, it is susceptible to wear and tear. If you have an outdated kitchen, hire a professional contractor to recreate the area. They can suggest what type of multifunctional spaces or furniture are ideal for promoting a healthier lifestyle.

2. Repaint with uplifting colors

It’s been proven that colors greatly affect our mood. Repaint your dull walls with bright warm colors to completely change the environment. Among the most uplifting colors is yellow, while blue is considered to have a calming effect. For a more playful vibe, you can go for light blue. Apart from switching to a lighter paint theme, be sure to also pair it with natural light to maximize the light in your space.

Just make sure to use zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint when repainting your home, which is a healthier and safer option compared to lead paint. Such type of paint doesn’t release toxic chemicals or gasses into the air. Paints with high levels of VOC can lead to health problems like damaging your liver, kidneys, or central nervous system.


3. Get a water filtration system

From our morning coffee to our shower, we basically use water in everything. By investing in a good water filtration system, you have the peace of mind that the water you use or drink is free from toxins, impurities, and various harsh chemicals. As a matter of fact, contaminated water can lead to bowel infections and skin and hair irritation.

This might seem like a costly upgrade but it’s definitely worth the money considering you can protect your family’s health. Furthermore, a water filtration system can prevent damage to your appliances, surfaces, and most important your pipes. You get to have drinkable water and a better home all in one purchase.

4. Install a home sauna

Again, if you have the money to spend, installing a home sauna is one of the healthiest investments you can make for yourself. Having such luxury in your home can make it easier for you to live a healthier lifestyle. Staying in a sauna can help reduce your anxiety or stress levels, promoting better mental health. And obviously, it is also good for your physical health as it helps improve blood circulation, boost metabolism, and get rid of toxins in your body.

You don’t necessarily need to have your home sauna installed in your master bedroom or bathroom. Any area will do just make sure to consider structural details, from plumbing, ventilation, to electricity.  Talk to a reliable installer or contractor to know the best area to place your sauna.

5. Upgrade your bedroom

Out of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom should be the best place where you get mental clarity, peace, and relaxation. A good night’s sleep is important for fighting off serious health conditions, mentally and physically. If you’re having trouble sleeping, then you might need to do some changes to your bedroom.

Start with tiny changes like removing electronic devices, including your TV, computers, or smartphones. You can also get a new set of pillows and blankets made from breathable or natural fabric. Even such small tweaks can already give you a more relaxing and quiet space that you need to get a good quality of sleep every night.

If your home still doesn’t have any of these easy upgrades, this is the best time for you to do so. Treat your home as your sanctuary where stressors can come in. Clean, organize and make as many changes as you need to achieve a wellness living space. Make your home a reflection of your healthy lifestyle.

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