Feed Your Wanderlust without Leaving Your House

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The travel bug doesn’t choose who it bites. This is why travelers come from different walks of life, ages, genders, and nationalities. Supposedly, traveling is for everybody. However, truth be told, not everybody can travel for several reasons.

Why Do Some People Not Travel?

This subject might be clear cut on paper. But there are more underlying reasons why people cannot or choose not to travel. Here are the two most common reasons:

  • Money: Ask anyone who dreams of traveling but doesn’t do it. They will tell you money is the main cause of concern. It’s true, traveling is expensive. Especially if you come from a particular country, you can easily spend a month’s paycheck or two on a week-long overseas journey. Some people make it work by going full-on budget travel mode. For others, it’s just impossible at the moment.
  • Time: Other people have saved money and can afford a trip to Mexico with friends. But sometimes the problem is the lack of time. Full-time parents of young kids barely have time for themselves. The same is true for professionals whose careers are time-demanding. Or maybe, they are neck-deep in handling business affairs. Some people find ways. Parents leave their children with grandma and grandpa. Suppose you are a businessman currently in the middle of building construction. In that case, you can leave your duties in the hands of real estate management services temporarily while you’re traveling. Remember, the best time for rest is when you don’t have time for it.

These two are the main reasons people do not pursue their travel goals. Other causes include being too scared or waiting for other people to join them. Health issues can be a reason, too.

Ways to Feed Your Wanderlust at Home

If, in any case, you really can’t make your travel wishlist come true, there are ways you can feed your wanderlust without leaving your house or your city. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Watch Travel Vlogs and Documentaries

Watching other people enjoy the time of their lives in your dream destination is not such a bad idea. You can live the travel high vicariously through the screen. At the same time, you learn so much about the place as you watch other people eat the food, experience the culture, and meet the people.

If you have traveled in the past, you can watch travel vlogs about the places you have been to before. It will remind you of what it feels like to walk the same streets and ride the same trains. It’s funny how specific images and clips can bring vivid flashbacks instantly. Sometimes, you even feel the same feeling you felt there.

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2. Immortalize Your Travel Memories

Speaking of reliving memories, why not dedicate a whole afternoon, or even an entire day, collecting your travel photos? Organize them according to location or date. Then, print some to stick on your wall. Or print a whole album of it if you haven’t already.

If you have tons of clips, why not make your vlog? You can relive your memories by recounting on voice-over the details of your trip. You will be surprised by how a single picture can remind you of detailed anecdotes.

3. Learn a Language

Remember that one time you got lost and couldn’t ask for help because you had no idea how to speak the local language? One practical way to feed your wanderlust is to learn a language. It can be the language of your dream country.

At least learn the basics like “hello,” “goodbye,” “how much,” and some words for direction. Learning a language can be so much fun.

If you are serious about it, you can even find people online with whom you can practice learning the language. There are apps and websites to connect with locals or fellow learners. The experience is not the same as meeting new people face to face, but it’s nothing short of exciting.

Maybe by the time you get to travel, you have already significantly reduced the chances of you getting lost again.

4. Watch Movies or Read Books Set in Your Dream Destination

Movies and books have a way of romanticizing places. While you cannot afford to travel yet, you can experience a place through the lens of a fictional character. Plus, the characters’ experiences can add a nuanced layer to your own view of the place. You can use the book or the movie as a reference for when you get to visit the destination face to face.

Creativity and patience are key to enjoying places even from the comfort of your couch while you wait for the perfect time. While you might not have the resources to go out there, there’s a world of exploration you can do at home.

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