Making Your Crib More Homey

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Most of us take a while to really feel at home when moving into a new place. Even with all the boxes unpacked, furniture pieces in place, and food stocked on the party and fridge, there is still that strange feeling of unfamiliarity that makes us feel less comfortable.

It takes a while for this feeling to go away. For some of us, it only takes a few weeks or months since moving in. But for others, though, sometimes this feeling never goes away.

There is a huge difference between living in a place where you rely on basic provisions like a bed and bathroom and a place that you could really call home. This is quite accurate when you are just renting a property.

Knowing that you will eventually leave the place at some point makes it hard to establish yourself. Sometimes, the rental property that we pick does not suit our personal taste and style.

Nonetheless, it is important to make yourself comfortable no matter where your abode is. After all, it is said that the sense of home is a matter of perception. No matter where you live and what factor surrounds you, you can still create a comfortable and warm home.

With all these said, here are some ideas on how you can make your place feel like home.

1. Childhood Memorabilia

Many believe that the home or apartment we grow up in is the quintessence of what “home” truly is. After all, this is the first place where we felt loved and safe.

While we can never fully recreate our childhood home once we move out, it would be nice to keep a few things that remind you of it and place them in your new home.

It could be a piece of furniture we always loved, a figurine from your old bedroom, or even a favorite movie poster that has been hanging for many years in a corner.

Adding these things to your new home environment helps create positive, warm energy. So visit your childhood home and pick a few things that you hold dear to your heart and incorporate them into your new place.

2. Hang Some Art

It is common for most people to immediately hang art as soon as they move into a new place. This should not be surprising since, according to research, looking at art helps lessen stress and can boost mood.

Aside from inducing positive emotions, hanging art helps instill your personal taste and interests in your space. It is not just limited to paintings. It could be a statue, a sculpture, or some trinkets you love collecting. Anything that has aesthetic value to you could make your place feel a lot like home.

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3. Be Generous With Greenery

Same with art and pets, surrounding yourself with greenery has a huge positive impact on your mood and stress level. We can all agree that there is an innate sense of “homeyness” in nature. And, we can bring this feeling by introducing fresh blooms and plants in our home.

No need to worry if you do not consider yourself a green thumb. There are plenty of houseplants actually that require minimal maintenance to thrive. This includes snake plants, Chinese evergreen, and photos.

You may also consider planting potted herbs. Thyme, basil, rosemary, parsley, and dill are fresh herb staples that you can readily use when cooking.

4. Add More Throws

Nothing else spells homey than cushions and throws in your living space. According to interior design experts, wrapping soft blankets and hanging chunky curtains are surefire ways to give any space a cozy and inviting look and feel.

So give your home little revamps by opting for a plush sofa and throws with cushion covers to achieve a stylish and cozy feel. If you suffer from anxiety and/stress, having a weighted blanket is also an excellent choice. It is said that the pressure given off by this blanket could help one feel more relaxed.

5. Declutter

The saying “a tidy house result in a tidy mind” holds.

The cheapest and easiest way to make your house feel more like home is to declutter. Seeing piles of dirty laundry and unwashed dishes naturally makes one feel stressed. With all this clutter and untidiness lying around, your home definitely does not feel homely.

To change it, all you have to do is make an effort to clean and declutter your home.

Your house or apartment is more than just a place to sleep and shower. This is the place where you let your guards down and recharge to tackle life’s daily challenges. This said, your house deserves some attention too to be made homely.

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