Keep Young Ones Emotionally Healthy amid COVID-19

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We currently live in unusual times during this COVID-19 pandemic. These days are stressful for both young ones and their parents. Many individuals have been experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness during this quarantine period, and the kids are not an exception. It is crucial for parents, guardians, and the rest of the community to keep these young ones safe during this time.

Babies and kids should not be subject to stress. Any stressors during these vital developmental years can become traumatic memories in the future. Parents should set aside time in their busy schedules to observe and see what they could do to lessen the burden on these children.

Spending time with babies and kids may help them destress and process the current stressful situation. The upcoming warm months may be a good time to spend fun activities with your family to help distract them from today’s events. Hooded baby towels will keep kids comfortable after a summer shower that can serve as a parent-baby bonding session.

Effects of the Pandemic on Young Ones

The global health crisis has harmed the population since the start of the quarantine period. It has been stressful to deal with the latest news while keeping up with office work, school work, and house chores. Things have been hectic, and these days have taken a toll on our physical and mental health. The children in our communities have also been affected by the current crisis.

Data shows that emergency rooms have had a 2 % increase in mental health-related cases involving children ages 5 to 11. The rate among older kids is at 31%. This is an alarming rate as the pandemic situation seems to be far from over. The quarantine period will only create more devastating effects on the younger population.

At this rate, the adult population needs to figure out how to protect the young ones from this negative impact.

Helping Kids Process a Crisis

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Before the pandemic, the young generation is used to hanging out with friends and socializing at school or around the neighborhood. Since the quarantine period started, these have all been put to a stop, and feelings of loneliness may have started creeping in. Loneliness among kids and young ones may have detrimental effects in the long run. Depression and anxiety may develop over time if these feelings of loneliness are not addressed properly. This is why parents and guardians should learn ways to help young ones cope with the current crisis.

To help your kids cope with the social distancing guidelines and the quarantine period, encourage them to continue engaging with friends through video calls and phone calls. For young ones, you may need to have close parental supervision, while teenagers may need less coddling when they play video games with friends.

While the kids stay in touch with friends, it is also wise to stay in touch with family members who live far from you. This will add more sense of security and love despite the challenging times.

Spend more time together as a family to provide reassurance during this time of need. Letting your kids know that you are present and willing to listen to them is important when they need someone to talk to about current events and constant lifestyle changes.

Be open about your feelings with your kids. This will allow them to be open about theirs as well. Talking about your feelings amid this crisis will allow the whole family to go through today’s difficulties together. Reassurance is an important aspect of maintaining good mental health during this time.

These are some ways that you can help your kids process the current situation. It is important to go through these days to avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness, which could be detrimental to their mental health.

Pandemic Parenting

In looking after your kids’ well-being, you should also look after your own. Staying fit and healthy, especially during this time, is essential in providing optimum parental care for your kids. Self-care is not selfish when it comes to parenting. In fact, it could improve your parenting skills as well.

Set aside time for physical exercise to keep your physical and mental health in check. Doing so can also encourage your kids to do the same, which is good for their well-being.

Being a parent during these stressful times is challenging, but it is important to focus on your goal, which is to help your kids process the current situation. Avoid long-term negative effects of the current pandemic by talking about your feelings as a family.

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