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home theater

Many people look forward to a time to unwind. With the many responsibilities one has, it is a welcome treat to do something you enjoy doing. Movie time is among the top choices as a leisure activity. This is because it is flexible. A person can do it by themselves, with a special someone, or with a group of people. Even kids enjoy it and go excited over it. There are also many genres of movies available for everyone’s preferences.

With the enthusiasm over movies, many people consider having a home movie theater. This remodeling project is not that hard to do. The keys are careful planning and the right knowledge and materials. Here are some things you need to think about for your very own home movie theater.

Electrical Safety

Before thinking about other elements, you must put safety first. A home movie theater would make you add more appliances. If your home is an old one, chances are you still have a lower amp panel installed.

Do you want a seamless experience with your home theater? Talk with an expert to help you have your 100 amp panel upgrade to a higher one. Moving to 200 amp would give you the security that you and your family are safe. While you are at it, you can also find a way to hide any wires for aesthetic and safety purposes.


A home movie theater needs a dedicated space for it to be effective. Study your home and think well about where you want this home feature added. There are many options such as an extra room, the basement, an unused garage, or your attic.

Some factors to consider are the shape of the room and the presence of windows. The ideal shape of a room for a home theater is a rectangular one. This will help to regulate the sounds. The absence of windows will make it easier for you to control both the lights and sounds. If there are windows, invest in light-blocking curtains and shades.

home theater

Walls and Flooring

The walls and flooring of a home movie theater are important. There is a difference between a simple movie night in the living room versus one in a home movie theater. Ambient light and ambient sound are almost non-existent in the latter. Regulating the sound in your home cinema also ensures that people in your home are not disturbed.

To achieve a movie theater effect, you can soundproof your room by adding a second layer of drywall. Acoustic wall panels are also effective in absorbing sounds. Solid doors can block unnecessary lights and sounds coming from the outside. Thick carpets for your floor can help to absorb the sound. An added advantage of soft carpets is that children can feel at home while enjoying the movies.

The color of your walls also affects the overall look and function of your home theater. Go with dark-colored walls. Neutral brown, tan, and olive are excellent choices. Bright paint may reflect light from your screen. This effect will distract you from enjoying your movie.

Seating Options

Seating options help to achieve the comfort that you have when you are in a movie theater. For some people taking on a home movie theater project, they go for home theater specialty seats. But, these items cost thousands and may not be practical for everybody.

The key to seating options in a home cinema is that they are comfortable. Also, you must make sure not to obstruct the view of the person behind you. Reclining loungers, love seats, bean bags, and even floor cushions will do the trick.

Screen and Speakers

There are no hard rules in choosing screens and speakers for your home theater, except for one. Ensure that the size of your screen and the number of your speakers are proportionate to the size of the room. You would not want to feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed with the use of these components.

Proper placement of your screen and speakers is also vital. Putting your screen too high, too low, or too close to the viewers could cause eye strain. Remember to install it at a comfortable level. Experiment with speaker placements to help you achieve the surround sound experience.

Additional Features

Some go all out in designing a home cinema. This depends on the other interests of the person building it. You may add fireplaces, bars, or snack corners. You only have to make sure that these features do not deviate from the purpose of the home movie theater.

A movie home theater is one remodeling project that is worth the investments. The contribution to one’s mental health is priceless. One can enjoy more time to unwind in the comfort of their homes. It is also an excellent way to bond with family and friends. Should you decide to sell your home, this added home feature increases its value.

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