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Modern dentistry is a constantly evolving process and dental science is developing new techniques that are more efficient and more comfortable for patients. As a progressive dentist Navan designing personalised treatments for each patient has helped this practice to deliver dental services that concentrate on patient care. Striving to meet a patient’s expectations was an acceptable ambition in the past but now the ambition is to exceed a patient’s ambition. To achieve this requires a dedicated team who are focused on working in harmony with each other in order to deliver a positive patient experience. One of the key elements of dentistry today is listening to patients and identifying those practical suggestions which will enhance the experience of all patients.

Oral care convenience!


If this practice can eliminate as many obstacles as possible, this will motivate patients to practise good oral hygiene. Listening to patients is one element of modern oral care that has become increasingly important, implementing suggestions and enhancing the way dental care is delivered takes courage and determination. Providing convenient parking for the able bodied and wheelchair users, including a lift, makes it easier to access their dental services. Making late evening and Saturday appointments available helps those patients who are working and who find it difficult to make dental appointments during office hours. Accepting Medical Cards also helps to encourage patients, who would otherwise not bother, to also be more dental aware.

Relieving dental anxiety

Dental anxiety can also deter patients from seeking the oral care and maintenance they need to take care of their teeth and gums. As a dynamic dental practice they are always looking for ways to help patients achieve a state of calm. Making them feel at home is one of the solutions and to achieve that their dental practice provides dental chairs that have a messaging feature. Access to wifi is also available so that patients can access their favourite games and movies. Patients can enjoy this facility while receiving treatment which helps to distract them and make them feel relaxed.

A comprehensive range of treatments

Preventive dentistry starts with the little ones and if it is possible to see them from an early age the chances of educating them and guiding them to take care of their oral hygiene will greatly enhance their chances of keeping their teeth and gums healthy throughout their lives. An experienced team with the necessary skills and experience to be able to take care of patients of all ages is available. To ensure that patients always receive the best treatment, attending regular seminars and training is a necessity in a modern dental practice. The speed of new technological developments which are being used to enhance dental treatments is helping to deliver less invasive procedures. This results in more pain free and comfortable treatments.

Facial aesthetics

Dentists have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, especially the head and neck and as such they can offer that extra bit of pampering, in a safe environment. Utilising their well appointed dental surgery, qualified clinicians have been delivering a range of non-surgical, anti-wrinkle treatments to patients helping them feel rejuvenated, for years.

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