A Guide on Achieving a Clean Home for Healthy Living

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Health and wellness tips often emphasize eating right and getting the appropriate amount of exercise. And that’s not false- everyone does need a good diet and proper exercise to be healthy. But equally as important is whether your home is a healthy place to be in.

What not a lot of people know is that our houses are still filled with dangers. Dangers that can lead to sickness and cause major inconveniences in our lives. Of course, they’re largely preventable, and that’s what this guide is for. Below are ways to keep your home clean and safe, to make sure you live healthily.

Don’t Let Trash Pile Up

One of the most common scenarios happening is letting trash pile up. Nobody likes taking out the trash or securing it- and that’s where the problem lies. Piled-up trash invites insects and other pests, and the nooks and crannies within the trash allow them to breed and multiply. Cockroaches, flies, even raccoons can become a problem if your waste is left in the open.

There’s also the fact that it’s going to smell horrendously bad and allow bacteria to fester. So make sure to follow your trash schedule and dispose of your trash on time. Segregate your waste, too, as it will help the official waste management of your city to better dispose of items. Preventing your trash from piling up will keep your home hygienic and free of disease.

Clean as You Go to Make Cleaning Easy

A simple solution to the common problem of doing regular major cleaning is to clean more often! Don’t let trash or dirt pile up, and make sure to keep your house organized. Assign shelves to put things into. Always know where items are located so that they’re not scattered all over.

By cleaning as you go and putting things back to where they belong, you’re keeping your house presentable and free of clutter. It makes it easy to do minor cleaning, like sweeping the floor and wiping surfaces and thus prevent your home from needing extensive cleaning. Of course, despite this, you still want to do seasonal deep cleaning, but you won’t have to tire yourself out doing that when it’s tidy in the first place.

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Regularly Clean Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the places in our house that easily accumulates germs and other bacteria. It’s often damp, which can lead to mold or mildew. It’s also where we wash our bodies, making it one a place that’s frequently exposed to bacteria we carry. Make sure to include bathroom cleaning in your regular schedule: once a week should be fine, and it allows you not to have to do deep cleaning as it will be maintained. Ensure that there aren’t any clogs, too, as clogged pipes can lead to backflow (which is very disgusting).

Keep Your Home Allergen-free

Many people have allergies to dust, mites, and other kinds of microscopic elements. And with the seasons now about to change, keeping your home free of allergens is a must to prevent any sickness that comes with seasonal shifts. If possible, get environmental mold testing to make sure there isn’t any accumulation of mold or mildew.

It’s also the best time to change pillows, curtains, bedsheets, and blankets. Make sure to regularly vacuum your space too, especially if you have pets or even plants with you in your house. Keeping your home free of allergens is constant work, but you’ll be happy you put in the effort.

Maintain Good Ventilation

You’ve probably started feeling antsy or irritable after staying cooped up inside a room or a house for hours at a time. No, you’re not moody, it’s an actual thing that’s happening, and it’s usually sick building syndrome (or cabin fever). A simple remedy is to go out and take a walk, but that’s not something you can always do.

The next best thing is to always keep good ventilation. If you have internal heating or cooling, make sure your HVAC is well-maintained. Otherwise, make sure that there’s cross-ventilation in your house to keep the place cool and guarantee that there’s fresh air flowing. Using ceiling fans is also an excellent way to keep a place well-ventilated.

Keeping your home clean and hygienic is a homeowner’s responsibility that’s often ignored out of sheer tiredness. We understand that keeping your house clean involves a lot of work. But with good scheduling and just the right amount of task allocation, keeping your home clean won’t be too tiring.

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