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It can be quite challenging to find a dentist Dublin if you have just arrived in this part of the world. No two dentists are the same, but service is something that can be compared and is part of what will sway a patient. First impressions in almost every walk of life count for everything, and the first few seconds of meeting someone is when we normally make up our minds one way or another.

Feeling comfortable

On entering a dental surgery for the first time, a patient can normally decide whether they feel comfortable or not. How the staff approach a patient, their demeanour, the surgery’s surroundings, sights and sounds all play a part in making a patient feel comfortable. Many patients do not feel comfortable when they go for their regular six-monthly checkups, so feeling at ease when first stepping into a new surgery is vitally important. A lot of training and time is spent on ensuring that staff know how to help patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Human beings are complicated creatures, and we know when we are happy with a particular surgery or not.

All staff play a role

A dental practice is only as good as the sum of its parts, and that means that the entire team has a vital role to play. Staff are all trained to achieve the same objective, which is to provide dental care to each patient individually. Treatment is bespoke and designed around the needs of each patient. A dentist cannot attend to all aspects of running a dental practice, and the team is responsible for a patient’s care. Modern but still retaining that personal touch!

Technology making life easier

Modern technology has combined well with dentistry to help make a patient’s dental care easier and more effective. Dentists now have equipment that allows them to administer anaesthetics more efficiently, making a dental visit for the patient, especially the anxious patient, less stressful.

Reputation and trust


Even with all the best equipment in the world, it is human nature that trust and relationships will always be the defining factor when deciding on your next dentist. Dentists today know and understand that their patients are more comfortable the better the relationship they have with their dentist. It is more common today for dentists to discuss treatments with patients and to encourage questions so that the patient is fully informed. Trust is built up over time, but the rewards for both the dentist and the patients for developing a lasting and trusting relationship are important to both parties.

Long-term family relationships

The stronger the trust, the better the relationship, and many a dentist can treat generations of the same family because of the relationship that has been developed. The health of a patient’s teeth and gums is also affected by a good dentist-patient relationship. This understanding between the two allows for a candid discussion on dental maintenance and treatments, especially when the dentist notices poor dental hygiene. This can only be beneficial to the patient who will accept criticism from someone with whom they have a good relationship.

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