Childbirth and Women: Physical Changes that Occur After Childbirth

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Before becoming pregnant, a lot of women are already conscious of their physical appearance. However, many women have set aside their body goals to make way for the joys of pregnancy. After giving birth, many women look back on how their bodies once looked before becoming pregnant and giving birth. Some women bounce back easily while other women struggle significantly. Women who are dedicated to getting their pre-childbirth bodies back are those who are willing to engage in physical exercise and other efforts to look good and feel good.

It is normal for a woman’s body to manifest changes after childbirth. After all, giving birth is not easy. The pregnancy journey itself changes a woman’s body to make it more accommodating to the baby that a woman will be carrying. First-time mothers might be very surprised at all the physical changes they will notice after giving birth. Some first-time moms might even succumb to the stress of being surprised about these changes and wanting to do something to help them regain their confidence.

One of the first things that mothers need to focus on is acceptance. Yes, physical changes can be difficult to accept. However, there is always a solution so that women can still regain their confidence by doing their best to bring back their pre-pregnancy and pre-childhood bodies. Aside from superficial appearance changes, women also encounter physical changes to their lady parts.

Women who have just given birth will notice discomfort in their lady parts. Upper lady parts become swollen because of milk. In addition to this, lower lady parts will also be swollen because women delivered the baby naturally. Eventually, a woman’s upper lady parts will reduce in size, especially if the baby is weaned. On the other hand, a woman can get rejuvenation treatment for the birth canal to eliminate all the negative impacts of childbirth, such as dryness, hyperpigmentation, incontinence, and other unsightly problems.

Highlighted below are some of the most common physical changes that women who have just given birth undergo. Read on to learn more about these changes.

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Women’s Weight

Most women gain weight during pregnancy. After giving birth, women weigh less because they are no longer carrying their babies, placenta, and other pregnancy fluids. However, the weight of women who have just given birth is still not the same as the weight they used to have before getting pregnant. After all, all the food and vitamins they have consumed during pregnancy have helped them achieve the ideal weight to keep themselves and their babies healthy.

At first, women might be uncomfortable with all the extra weight. However, women can do so many things to lose weight and achieve their ideal bodies. They can engage in exercise, start a healthy diet, and focus on enhancing their confidence. However, women who have just given birth must not immediately engage in physical exercise because they might end up straining themselves. This is especially important to remember for mothers who have given birth through the caesarian method.

Other Noticeable Physical Changes

Women who have just given birth might also notice that their pelvic joints are somehow loose. However, this feeling is expected to go away over time. Women might also notice that their hips appear to be wider compared to before they have given birth. This can be temporary or permanent. Some women notice that their hips have become wider after childbirth and that their hips have never returned to their size before giving birth.

Women also notice that their feet have grown larger during pregnancy and still notice the enlargement of their feet after childbirth. Like women’s pelvic joints, their feet will also return to their normal size in time. It is just a matter of waiting for the body to recover so that women can start working on enhancing their physical appearance to feel confident again.


Aside from physical changes, women also undergo a lot of emotional changes. Childbirth can lead to postpartum depression, which is why women need to receive a lot of help and support from friends and family. Women might become overwhelmed with the prospect of becoming a mother, which could compromise their health and the health of their babies. Therefore, women need to reach out to support groups to help them cope with emotional changes.

Overcoming Challenges

Women undergo a lot of physical and emotional changes after childbirth. However, these changes are easy to cope with if women know how to accept the changes and focus on working on them once they are already capable of doing so. Women should focus on enhancing their health and the health of their children. This way, women can guarantee that their children will remain healthy. Overcoming these challenges is very important for women who have just given birth.

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