CDC Guidelines in May Bring Good News for Engaged Couples


Engaged couples and those who previously postponed their weddings because of Covid-19 restrictions can now breathe a sigh of relief if they are fully vaccinated. This is because the new guidelines announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on May 13 lift many of the restrictions for fully vaccinated people. This means being beyond two weeks after the second injection for Covid-19 vaccines requiring two doses. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that people can go back to doing the things that they were not able to do because of the pandemic.

According to data from the CDC, 45.1 percent or about 116 million adults in the U.S. were fully vaccinated as of May 12. About 151 million adult Americans or 58.7 percent have at least one out of two vaccine doses. President Joseph Biden announced that the goal of the government is for 160 million American adults to be fully vaccinated, and for 70 percent of American adults to have at least one out of two vaccine doses by July 4.

Benefits of Full Vaccination

Those who are fully vaccinated can now do away with masks and need not practice physical distancing in any outdoor or indoor setting even if unvaccinated people are around. The only exceptions are in public transportation and wherever these are still required by federal, state, or local laws, as well as by businesses and workplaces. Fully vaccinated people traveling within the United States or arriving from international travel need not self-quarantine upon arrival.

An unvaccinated person can go unmasked in small outdoor gatherings if everyone else has full vaccination. He or she must, however, still wear a mask if the gathering has a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, if dining with friends from various households, and when attending a crowded outdoor event.

Weddings and Vaccinations

With this new development, we can expect more weddings to happen from midyear to the end of 2021. Those who want to march down the aisle better have their full shots done as early as possible. Part of their earliest preparations must be to ensure that their dearest family members and closest friends are fully vaccinated as well to be part of the wedding.

The couple must find out if the other people they intend to invite have already been fully vaccinated or are going to be fully vaccinated by the date of the wedding. The couple can decide whether they will invite unvaccinated guests. They need not restrict the number of guests but if they invite unvaccinated guests, these people must wear masks. Favorite family members from afar can fly in for the event provided they also get fully vaccinated.

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Wedding Preparations Are a Go

Many of the exciting parts of wedding preparations that were not possible with previous restrictions are now fully doable. Fully vaccinated couples can now go about all the details of wedding planning and meet up with their fully vaccinated wedding planner as often as necessary. They can make it a requirement for all their service providers to be fully vaccinated, even a live band and a wedding singer.

Fittings of bridal dresses are moments treasured by brides and their mothers, sisters, or closest friends but these could not happen during lockdowns. Even after the lifting of lockdowns, people were still wary of face-to-face interactions. With the vaccine rollout and the CDC reassurance for fully vaccinated people, fears are now assuaged. Brides no longer have to purchase their gowns online with fingers crossed that they fit.

The bride can now also hire a professional hair and makeup artist to glam her up on her wedding day. She can look her best and need not worry that wearing a mask will smear her makeup.

Couples can now choose freely between indoor or outdoor settings for their special day. Tables and chairs can be set elegantly in the usual ways instead of being far apart.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions are no longer rushed events with everyone conscious of the duration of exposure to each other. Couples and their guests can now focus more on the meaning and solemnity of the vows. During the reception, there is now time to include all the wedding traditions such as the tossing of the bouquet, the dances between the couple and with their families, and the speeches.

On to the Honeymoon

Newlywed couples are now also freer to choose their honeymoon destinations. While masks are still required during travel, they need not self-quarantine before or after their domestic trip. They can also enjoy their honeymoon and have the expected Instagram photos with their unmasked beaming faces.

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