Boredom Busters for Kids While In Lockdown

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Are your children becoming restless due to the lockdown? Do you keep hearing them blurt, “I’m bored!”?Is your child glued to his gadget, causing arguments between you? Or do you keep asking, “When will this pandemic end? Fret not. You are not alone.

But what is boredom?

Scientists could not agree on its definition since it is a complex phenomenon. They instead described it as an unpleasant emotional state due to insufficient external stimulation accompanied by monotony.

There it is. Since boredom is caused by a lack of external stimulation and monotony, parents can provide the stimulation. But how to do it if you are in a lockdown? Here is a checklist of fun-filled activities you could do with your kids while in pandemic

1. Exercise as a family

Children will participate and cooperate if they see their parents’ involvement. You could set a schedule for family fitness activities. Below are some movement-inducing activities you could do.

  • Workout wonder– Instruct your child to do 100 jumping jacks every hour. Keep a chart to record his performance. Mark it with stars as his reward if he can reach his quota for the day. You could watch workout videos online for livelier and more exciting moments.
  •  Create an obstacle course- This is ideal if you have open space around your house. Use old tires or empty boxes as makeshift obstacles. Praise your children not only because they were able to finish the course but for playing well, too.
  • Dance galore- Watch dance videos. Join your child in following the steps. Before you know it, you are not just having fun but creating bonding moments with your child.

2. Try new recipes

Cooking is a life skill every child should learn. Boys should also be encouraged to try their hands in cooking. If your children are tired of the same dish you serve, why not whip a new recipe? It will spark their curiosity about how their foods are prepared. Beware, though. They could make a big mess out of your kitchen. But a messy kitchen is nothing compared to the glee and excitement in their faces.

3. Play Outdoors

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Enjoy the sun and the wind while you can.  Setting up a sports court in the backyard for basketball or tennis is a great idea if you have ample space. Just remember to observe social distancing.

4. Enroll in an online class

The internet is full of course offerings, from online academic tutorials to arts, dance, painting, music, sports, and language class. You have a variety of classes to choose from. Parents, however, could consider their child’s interest. This could be the key to their sustained enjoyment. Your son Joni may be athletic, but his brother Michael is artistic. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a course.

5.  Perform experiments

Online classes limit activities that a regular face-to-face session can offer. Doing experiments is one of them. Take this lockdown as an opportunity for children to do hands-on experiments. You could try the following experiments that will surely delight your kids.

  • observing the weather
  • melting a candle
  • planting a seed
  • apple oxidation
  • water walking

6. Set up a reading corner

Whose child is not digitally obsessed nowadays? How do you veer them away from their gadgets? Setting up a reading corner might do the trick. You could stock up on storybooks or leave them lying around for your child to explore. Teach them how to take care of the books beforehand. How about reading aloud to them and asking questions later to test their comprehension?

Telling them stories using varied voices is a time-tested technique to hold their attention longer.

7. Schedule a backyard camping

Take advantage of open spaces in your backyard and set up a camp. Do some outdoor cooking, too. Lie on the grass and count the stars. Play a musical instrument while singing their favorite songs. Play card games or tell stories. The memories would linger in their mind even if they left home.

The lockdown had tested every parent’s patience with their kids at home most of the time.  On the other hand, children felt isolated from their friends and classmates, making them lonely and frustrated. Arguments and conflicts could happen now and then. But don’t fall victim to the negative situation you are in. The internet is full of information like what we mentioned here that could make the lockdown bearable. The possibilities are limitless. The only limitation is in your mind.

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